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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Response to a Fan...

In response to Sarah's comment about my klepto tendencies, let me explain. I really like Splenda. I enjoy it on my cereal. I enjoy it in my coffee. I enjoy it anywhere one might use sugar. There is something about the Splenda packets that I love more than the Splenda you get in big bags (which i also use). Two places that I often frequent are Starbucks and Panera Bread. Both of these places serve my favorite things in the world, but they also have another thing in common--they both have packets of Splenda--right there, out in the open, ready for the taking. So I take. Whether I need it for the meal that I purchased or not, I can't resist grabbing a handful and stuffing them into a compartment in my purse. There is something so satisfying about this. Perhaps it is because I have been overcharged for my meal or coffee that I feel like this is the only way to get my money's worth. It is my sweet sweet (pun intended) revenge. This morning when i went to IHOP for breakfast I ordered coffee and instead of using Equal or "the pink brand" I was able to reach into my purse and pull out a couple of yellow packets filled with the white fluffy goodness. It felt good. Let me also make clear that I don't shoplift. And I don't think swiping a few packets of Splenda can even be compared with stealing. I mean it's right there next to the napkins and straws. It sends the message, "Take Me" (why not a large handful even)??? All I know is, taking Splenda makes me feel good and in the end if the price of your Starbucks coffee goes up at least you'll know why.


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