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Sunday, December 04, 2005


The difference between me and my dear friend Sarah is that I drink coffee all year round while she is a festive drinker. Not many days went by this autumn without mention of the PSLOJ (pumpkin spice latte of joy--the "of joy" an addition by Sarah). We discussed the PSLOJ so often that I almost said the "of joy" part when ordering one at my local Starbucks, obviously. Well now those cool autumn days have turned into crisp December ones and with the changing season comes the changing of holiday drinks at Starbucks. Now my drink of choice is the Eggnog Latte. They also have a gingerbread latte and a peppermint mocha, but nothing beats the Eggnog Latte. Say it with me friends, "Eggnog Latte"...OJ.

Well, I was in Starbucks the other night preparing to order this warm, creamy, sweet drink OJ, when I saw on the counter, the secret recipe! MAKE IT AT HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS it read. The recipes: Tazo Chai Eggnog Latte and Starbucks Eggnog Latte. WHAT? Can this be true? Can I really bring the joy home with me?

Starbucks Eggnog Latte
Start by blending your favorite cold eggnog with cold whole milk in a 2:1 ratio and steam until it reaches 145 degrees F. Note that eggnog scalds more quickly than milk, so be careful not to overheat.

1. Steam: Eggnog-milk mixture to 145 degrees F
2. Add one shot of brewed espresso to cup.
3. Fill cup with steamed eggnog-milk mixture to 1/4 inch below the rim.
4. Top with 1/4 inch of eggnog-milk foam.
5. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Yeah right, like I am going to do all that!!! I don't even have the proper equipment! Nice idea, but no. I think I will continue to pay $4 and just buy the ELOJ from Starbucks, with 10 packets of Splenda to go, of course.


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