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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Quest for a Healthier Lifestyle

I was thinking about "My Journey." After pondering for many hours the meaning of blogging, I came to the realization that up until now, my blog has been a random introduction to who I am. I thought about deleting it and starting over or starting an entirely new blog dedicated to my journey. Instead I decided to leave it as it is and let it evolve...hopefully into something that will inspire America. Ok, if it inspires even one person I will be content. And then maybe it isn't about inspiring as much as it is about self-discovery...inspiring one's self.

I also came to the conclusion that it shouldn't just be about my journey to a better body image, but rather it should be a quest for a healthier lifestyle. This means being healthier physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc... a definition TBD. It's about balance, love, tranquility, friendship, sexuality, education, creativity...enhancing the mind, body and spirit. I invite you to come along for the ride. PLEASE feel free to give advice or offer suggestions/comments. More importantly, I'd like you to feel free to tell your story.

After I went to the gym last night I decided to walk over to the grocery store, which is conviniently in the same plaza. I decided to buy some organic tea for relaxation before bed. I bought two boxes of Yogi Tea. One was Egyptian Licorice Mint and the other was Cocoa something or other... I tried the mint one. It left a licorice taste in the back of my throat, which was sort of weird, but nice and satisfying at the same time. I drank it before bed while I watched American Idol. It was nice and relaxing. However, I pee a lot and so when I was ready for bed, I had to get out of bed at least three times to pee. Each time my pillow seemed unfluffed so I had to refluff. This annoyed Edgar. He yelled at me, but luckily I couldn't hear him through the earplugs I was wearing to drown out his snoring.

In conclusions, that tea tasted good and organic means healthy. My first step in MY QUEST FOR A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.


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