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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I love my family...and my journey!

Don't worry faithful readers. I have not abondoned my quest to live a healthier life. I have been contemplating what to post to you all, since I haven't been overly commited to writing down things I like about my body and I haven't been trying the latest in organic foods or trying a new class at the gym. I did however finish reading "Do I Look Fat in This?" I would recommend this book to just about anyone...even men who want to get a glimpse of what we women go through in this society. The book helped me to be more aware of the language I am using and how it effects my life and the lives of those around me. I have been making a conscious effort to not speak the "language of fat." It's very difficult because I've been doing it for SO long, but I am trying...

Almost two weeks ago I went to visit Mom and Dad--they were vacationing in FL for the month. I took a few days off of work and flew down to see them. It was just the three of us--hanging out at the beach, going for walks, SHOPPING! I had a blast! I even went running a couple of times! I also treated myself to some yummy food--mostly in moderation. It was relaxing to just get away from everything. This weekend my parents were on their way back to NY and they stayed in Richmond for two nights (they left this morning). I miss them already!!! I've been thinking, "What do I post on my blog? What have I been doing for my quest to be healthy? Nothing?? Have I aborted this mission altogether?? Why can't I commit to anything??" But it was then that I realized...I haven't aborted my journey. My journey doesn't start on Monday like various diets I've tried in the past. My journey is going on RIGHT NOW! When I was on vacation I was enjoying life, getting away from the routine, spending precious time with two people who I don't see enough of these days. When I was in FL, I didn't care so much about numbers on a scale or how many calories I burned. I was just enjoying my life and the people in it--and THAT'S healthy!!!! So even if you can't get away and go on vacation, just take a little bit of time to stop and breathe--go for a walk, plant some flowers, write a poem, sit outside and do absolutely nothing.

The world doesn't revolve around me or my body. The world won't stop if I gain two pounds. People won't stop loving me if I gain or lose weight. There are much more interesting things to think about and talk about. I'm not saying don't work out or don't try to be your healthiest self...just remember that sometimes we just have to let the world revolve, just because, and let our bodies and minds and souls simply just exist...

(I say all of this basically as advice to myself, but maybe you will get something out of it too...who knows. Have a happy week!) ~Lindsey


  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Sarah said… are so wise and so RIGHT! I have notice improvement in the way you talk, or even don't talk, about your body. Good job! This is a hard thing to do and I'm proud of you for sticking with it!

  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Silly Hily said…

    Excellent post! Oh so true.


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