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Friday, May 19, 2006

My Life as a Dog Rescuer

So here it is, you asked for it.
I wish I could say I ran into a burning building or jumped into a roaring river to save Fluffy.
But no, here is my story.
Below looks pretty much like the dog I saw running down the street last Sunday. It had a long lead attached to it so it had obviously broken free not too long ago. Edgar and I just happened to be getting into our car to go out for Mexican food when it ran past our house. I jumped out of the car to try to chase it. Edgar drove after it. The dog kept running and didn't come when I called it. Finally it stopped running and Edgar carefully got the tire wheel over the dog's lead. We brought it back to our house and tied it up in the backyard. We drove up and down the street looking for people who may have lost a dog or knew of anyone with a black dog--no luck. At this point it was starting to rain and get dark. So, we went to eat dinner...what? we were hungry. The dog had a license tag on it so I figured I would call the goverment offices in the morning rather than taking it to a pound. I didn't want the dog to go through that if it didn't have to. So I kept the dog out on the back porch over night and gave it a blanket to sleep on and gave it food and water. I felt bad leaving it out all night, but Edgar didn't want it inside with Bugs. Anyway, in the morning I found out the owners names. And the dog's name too--Cuddles!! So cute!! I let them know I had Cuddles and after work I took it back to them. They gave me $20 for the trouble. I didn't want to take it, but they kept insisting and I figured, hey I'm broke. And we did use up gas driving up and down the street. :-) Okay, this story isn't very exciting, but it was my good deed of the week, maybe even the year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs!


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