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Thursday, May 11, 2006

What an Upset!!!

Last night was a night full of emotions. For them I'm sure, but more importantly, for me.

I really wanted Elliot to make it though since he is from Richmond and all, plus he has really grown on me so when I heard he was safe I literally jumped up and squealed and did a little dance. Edgar looked at me like I was crazy...however, this was after I got up to dance to the whole "Jailhouse Rock" performance that Taylor gave a few minutes before. What? He did say "America get up!" So crazy Edgar was calling the kettle black.

Anyway, I was sure Katherine was the next to go. How could Chris be out? No way. But then, they called Chris' name and said he was going home. I gasped, my head spun with confusion. My face looked about like Katherine's did. I felt probably exactly the same as Chris did. Now don't get me wrong, I like Katherine and I'm glad she is still there, but CHRIS???? WHAT HAPPENED AMERICA???

This is like the last presidential election all over again. MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!


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