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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quote of the Week and Then Some

"I don't have a belly, I just have a strong core." --anonymous

On Sunday Edgar and I went and picked out some more curtains for our house. Fun times. Or not. I am the one who shops and buys based on style, color and cuteness. Edgar shops for functionality--regardless if the curtains he wanted to buy for the back door (located in the laundry room area) were off white, thick, formal and had a silk cord to tie them back. Not to mention, they were in the "formal" section. Oy vey. And when I explained that this is the wrong style he went into his rant about how society's and other people's opinions shouldn't dictate which curtains you buy. So I told him it's not about what other people think (okay, only a little), it's about what I like and I don't want formal curtains on our back door! I mean, we don't even have formal curtains in our living room! My house isn't formal and my style at this point in my life is more modern and less formal/traditional. Anyway, we ended up with curtains that we both like, but it took some teeth pulling.

Edgar's mom and sister are in town and his sister bought us these two framed pictures that I HATE HATE HATE. We had to hang them because I didn't want her to be hurt. But I really HATE them. Anyway, the picutes go together and should be hung close to each other, but instead Edgar (home decorator that he is) decided to hang them across the room from each other. UGH. Anyway, I do need to decorate more by hanging pictures up. Do you guys have any tips/rules that might help me?? I'm not saying I am so great at this, but I think I am slightly better in this category than Edgar. Don't get me wrong, there are things that he is great at that I wouldn't even know how to attempt, but I just think I am better at decorating. Last night at dinner with his family he mentioned how he should be a home decorator. And I say again, Oy Vey!


  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    who said it? who has a strong core? who do I have to stop being friends with?


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