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Monday, August 28, 2006 in, I'm sexy and back

Hey ya'll! Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Did you miss me? Maybe you did. Maybe not...

Not only have I been pretty busy lately, but I honestly just needed to take a break from blogging. I wasn't feeling very into it at the moment. Anyway, I just got back from a week of visiting my family in Upstate New York. It was tons of fun and relaxing too. I didn't want to come back. I also realized that I've acquired a fear of flying. I was like freaking out on the plane...I'm looking around at all of the calm, sleeping people thinking, "Why are you so calm??! We could die in a fiery crash seconds from now and all you can do is sleep?!!" I could feel my heart pumping hard in my chest. I think this new fear is from hearing about people dying and bad things happening all the time that it freaks me out--who is to say I won't die tomorrow? (please God don't punish me with irony) Life is so fragile that it freaks me out to put trust in some pilot...and some aircraft! But then I get in a car almost every day. Just sitting in my house. Just walking outside. Anything could happen. Absolute security does not exist and it freaks me the hell out! Then I get back and two days later there is a plane crash in Kentucky to freak me out even more! Those poor people. There was a couple headed off to their honeymoon...can you imagine? How tragic!

Anyway, enough of my ranting and fears. In happier news, I adopted a little poodle girl just two weeks ago! Her name is Zoey.
Damn...I just tried to post a picture, but it didn't work. My internet connection has been really screwy lately. Anyway, that is your brief update as to what has been going on in my life recently.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My New Love Affair

My true addictions when it comes to TV are American Idol, The Office and Desperate Housewives. Those shows, nicely spaced out throughout the week, got me through the week. Since their seasons have ended I have been at a loss. I know Project Runway has started up again and I could probably get into that, but the other shows out now just aren't doing it for me. I've tried It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which Edgar loves, but I don't so much love. Of course there are always my fall back shows like The Hills (which ends this week!) or anything on Style for the most part. I even had a brief rendezvous with The Dog Whisperer, but it became really repetitive, mechanical even. Edgar and I have even been watching How it's Made on the Discovery Channel. It's actually not a bad show, pretty good actually--you get to learn how things are made--totally nerdy and awesome, but no love affair.

Until... (dramatic music)

Oh my god, Hugh Laurie--TAKE ME NOW! Has anyone seen House yet???? Holy crap! Where have you been all my "this season." I've watched 3 episodes and I'm hooked. I think it won some awards and stuff and I can now see why. It's serious, it's touching, it's laced with dry humor, cynicism and wit. Hugh Laurie's character is AMAZING. How could this not be my new love affair??? Have you watched it yet?!?