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Thursday, November 30, 2006

We Did It!

Woohoo! We did it! I posted everyday for one whole month and you actually came back time and time again to read my posts, however meaningless and boring. I was unsure about NaBloPoMo at first. Could I really post everyday? I challenged myself and I did it and you know what, I actually kind of liked it. I actually feel like I have a stronger relationship with my blog. Before we played hard to get with each other. One moment we were in love and then next we would be ignoring each other for days. Now, we are walking hand in hand. I really feel much more devoted to my blog than ever before. This is not to say I will continue to post every single day, but I definitely want my blog to be a bigger part of my life.

The best part about this month though was that I made so many new friends! I've so enjoyed visiting your sites and meeting new bloggers who share common interests with me. And just because November is over, that definitely doesn't mean I'll stop visiting your sites. I am devoted to you. You will not be able to get rid of me. I am in your life forever now, bitches!

Congrats to the other NaBloPoMoers! And to those of you who didn't try it, I hope you do next year. Well, I am off to go rest. I'm not feeling really great and haven't been for a couple of days now. I don't know what is wrong with me, but my back aches, my head hurts and I just feel exhausted. That was a downer. Sorry.

YAY NaBloPoMO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Final Stretch

Only one more post to go after this one! Not that I am complaining; I have really enjoyed NaBloPoMo. I am kind of at a loss for what to post about today. I had been going strong, but I am tired and I've been clenching my teeth again, for really no reason at all and I can feel stress building in my back and shoulders. I think tomorrow morning I will get up early and go to the gym, that is if I can pull my booty out of bed. Maybe it will give me some energy. I've just been so tired. For the past hour I've read everyone and their mothers' blog thinking it would inspire me, but I still don't know what to say to you all... in fact right now I am contemplating deleting everything I just wrote and coming up with something else.


Well, I am really excited because I might one day in the near future meet a fellow blogger, Erika, who lives in the DC area. I've never met anyone in real life who I only knew from blogging, so I am really looking forward to it. I love hanging out with new people and making new friends. Erika is one of my favorite bloggers so I can't wait to meet her in real life. I also hope to meet her little baby boy at some point too, but she might be afraid that Sarah or I will steal him from her because ohmigod he is cute! Did I mention Sarah is part of this blog-friend-meeting-of-joy? Well, yes, she is. So have any of you met someone in person who you only knew from blogging? How did it turn out? Would you do it again?

Erika, if you are actually a 60 year old stalker, you better come clean now.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Must Have for Everyone on Your Chistmas List

Enjoy the original in a new style - camouflage.
Pump-action rapid fire shoots mini marshmallows over 30 feet.
Easy-to-refill; holds 25 mini marshmallows for non-stop action.

If you did not have a #1 on your wish list yet, you do now. I can just imagine shooting marshmallows at Edgar, while remaining completely undetectable by the untrained eye. He'll have no idea what is going on. And can you imagine the excitement for the dogs, chasing marshmallows all over the house? OR, can you imagine releasing the rapid fire at innocent bystanders with mugs of hot chocolate? I am not sure how humanity survived prior to this spectacular creation of jet-puffed innovation.

Long live the 2nd amendment!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Before we go any further, I think we need to have a talk

What is going on? If I were going to try to make a comeback after looking like pure white trash for an entire 2 years or so, the first thing on my list after dumping white trash husband would not be, hang out with Paris Hilton. Is Paris the new K-Fed?
Now seriously if you go out shopping, clubbing etc. and you are in the process of said comeback and you actually manage to look skankier than Paris...Houston we have a problem.

Are you K-Fed's back-up dancer? Oh, that is your outfit? Oh.
Yes, breast feeding burns calories and

makes your boobies really big. So big, you just want to show them to the world. And wearing a fishnet thigh-high while your BFF wears the other is totally the new "friendship bracelet." Does she look like she is clinging to Paris for dear life, or is it just me?

They even picked up La-Lohan for some shopping fun.
Britney just seems out of place to me. And where is her baby?

Britney, honey, I am trying really hard to like you again because as you know, you used to be my numero uno. I've been trying to open my heart to you, but you are making it so hard. Please come out with some good music so I can at least grasp onto something. Please. I am not a Paris hater at all...sometimes I even like's just that it's weirding me out. I can't even explain it. It's just that I (holding back tears)...I miss you Brit.
In the words of Boyz 2 Men, I'll leave you with this.

can we go back to the days our love was strong
can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
can somebody tell me how you get things back
the way they use to be
oh god give me a reason
i'm down on bended knee

i am such a loser

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Are You Jealy?

Today I went out to a gift shop that sells Vera Bradley products, just to check it out, see what they had. I got to talking with the ladies who work there and a younger girl who looked to be the daughter of one of the ladies. The girl may have been sixteen or so (we'll call her Miss 16). Well the one lady asked if Miss 16 or I had seen the spring patterns. Well, no, they aren't even online yet. Since she is a retailer she has the retailers book with the upcoming line and she showed it to us. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait. I am so giddy! I LOVE the new patterns. They have a new breast cancer one. It's black and has these really cute little white/pink elephants. It is beautiful! They also have two other prints that I love too. Only one of them just wasn't my style, but I can see how people will like it. They also are debuting new items, such as a tennis racket cover, golf shoe bag and flip flops! That's right, flip flops! Oh my gosh, must have. I felt like a Vera VIP getting to see the collection beforehand. Oh my gosh, I am so cool. And so dorky. The good kind of dorky, that is.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lovin' the 4 Day Weekend

This afternoon and evening was fun. Edgar and I started a little bit of Christmas shopping and then we went to see the new Will Ferrell film, Stranger Than Fiction. I thought it was going to be more of a comedy, but it really wasn't. The regular showing was sold out so we went to the hearing impaired showing, with the English captioning. It wasn't hard to find a seat, in fact, we were the first ones in the theater! Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) is the main character in an author's novel and he can hear her narrating his life. Having the captioning added another element to the film, so having to go to the hearing impaired showing was actually quite serendipitous. Edgar and I both really liked this film and we suggest that you see it too.

On another note, if I eat another bite of food I think I will go into permanent food coma. All I have done is eat, eat, eat for the past three days. It's getting so the thought of eating anything else is kind of grossing me out. After the movie we went to get dinner. I had a salad. A salad with steak, blue cheese and bacon on it. Healthy. However, I can say that I have exercised the past three days though so I've at least off-set a calorie or 300. Today I had a great cardio work out at the gym, yesterday I walked the dog and the day before I did cardio at the gym. I love working out on Thanksgiving, before the gym closes early at 2 :00 p.m. I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe because it isn't crowded, but more because I feel this unspoken bond with the other people in there. These are the people who know they are going to pig out later that day and are at least doing a little something about it, even if they will eat their body weight in stuffing and turkey in just a few hours. Those people in the gym on Thanksgiving morning, they aren't psycho, those are my people. So only a few more days to go for NaBloPoMo and my goal to work out everyday in November, which I've already "failed" so I am pushing for an A for effort. I kind of counted painting and cleaning all day as cardio once or twice, but I'll deduct a day for those two days combined because technically it doesn't count. So I think it has been about 5 days that I've missed so far this month, with really isn't too bad at all. I'm going to keep it up in December too, although it will be a little harder to work out all the time with traveling and all of that good holiday stuff.

Well, I am going to go snuggle on the couch with my lovah.

OH WAIT, before you go...

Sara, my sister, spent Thanksgiving at my parents house (without me!) and her boyfriend Chris came to visit her. Let's take a vote. Does he resemble the unabomber or not?

Good thing this one is labeled "The Unabomber" or else you may have thought my sister actually got her picture taken with Mr. Unabomber himself.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

I took today off of work so I could have a 4 day weekend. I've cleaned my house a bit and I'm thinking of taking Bugs for a walk because it is a beautiful, sunny day. I'm debating whether or not to go to the mall. It's already 12:30 now so I'm sure there is practically zero parking at this point, but will the malls be worse tomorrow since it will be a Saturday and the day after black Friday? It's such a gamble! Maybe I should go both days...or neither. What are you doing today? Are you braving the malls today or staying home?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Sarah and Happy Turkey Day!

I won! I beat Stacia to the Happy Birthday Sarah phone call this morning. I am so proud! Lauren tried to win, but she was disqualified. Cheating by calling Sarah's house phone is againt the rules. HA!

Before I give a shout out to the one and only birthday girl, I'd like to mention a few things I'm thankful for.

1. Mom, Dad and Sara
2. Edgar
3. My doggies
3. My health and the health of my friends and family
4. My co-workers because we are like a loving, but disfunctional family
5. Virignia and the experiences I've had here and the amazing friends I've made
6. My childhood
7. My love/hate, struggling but strong relationship with God
8. Laughter
9. Hope
10. Love
11. That Christmas is coming and the radio is now playing Christmas music ALL THE TIME!


I am thankful that Sarah is having her 25th birthday today!!!

Sarah is so pretty, just look at her! She is smart, funny, a great listener and a fabulous counselor. She is not only the best of friends, she is also a good wife to Michael. She is a lover and only occasionally a hater (when she throws my nametag on the floor at work and throws paper at my eyes). She is thoughtful and kind and I am so lucky to have her as my BFFOJ (best friend forever of joy). Happy 25th birthday, Sarah! Enjoy your special day. Remember, you are way hotter than any of the pilgrims and indians.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's almost turkey time!

Edgar's family is coming into town for Thanksgiving. I just got back from his mom's house, which is where we went for dinner. Vidal, Edgar's brother, put on the documentary Okie Noodling for us to watch--I'm not sure why, I think he just wanted to make fun of it. I had never heard of it before, but it is about these guys in Oklahoma who catch catfish with their bare hands. They were totally redneck, but to be honest it was a really interesting really is a way of life for these people, there is a whole culture of noodlers. Even though a lot of these people have teeth missing and tabacco in their cheeks, it is still fascinating to watch.

Anyway, we just got home and I almost forgot to blog. I had a few drinks and I worked all day and it is past my bedtime so I am so sleepy. Tomorrow I am waking up to cook and hopefully make it to the gym too! I made it to the gym after work today! I've been doing pretty well, even though I am not going to meet my goal of working out everyday. The goal has certainly been a motivation for me! Ok, I have to get ready for bed and take care of baby Zoey poodle girl. I hope everyone has fun cooking, visiting family and all that good stuff! Good night!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Poor Baby

I had to take my little Zoey poodle girl to the vet today because I thought she might have an ear infection. She has been shaking her head a lot and sometimes when she scratches her ear she lets out a loud yelp. So sure enough, she has an ear infection. They had to pull a bunch of hair out of her ears. She not only had hair that needed to be plucked down in her ear that Petsmart did not take out like I asked them to (never take your dog for grooming at Petsmart. I learned my lesson), but she also had an infection and on top of that allergies (hopefully just seasonal) which are making her ears, belly and feet all red and itchy. She was not a happy camper today. She has been crying a lot tonight because she is in a lot of discomfort. I feel bad for my baby. I did buy her a new shirt from the dollar ($2.50?? Call it the $2.50 spot then, stupid Target full of lies) spot at Target. It is pink and white and says pampered. I "let" her wear it to the vet :-) The good news is when they weighed her she had lost a pound and they said she was now at more of a healthy weight! They told me she was fat last time. No really they said, "You know she's fat, right?" Yay, go me! I was such a proud mama of my little weight watchers baby. Now if only I could do so well myself ;-) Anyway, I feel bad for my baby, but worse for my bank account. That little biatch cost me $160! What the hell? I've already paid for her to see an animal eye specialist for her non-tear-producing eyes and now she has to go and get all allergic and infected. I swear! Well, at least I know who she takes after in the maintenance department. Definitely not her dad.

Monday, November 20, 2006

More Holiday Cheer

My sister, Sassy Sara, commented regarding our childhood Christmas tradition...let me elaborate. We used to love listening to The Nutcracker music at Christmastime. At night we would turn out the lights in the family room and turn on the tree lights. It was SO magical :-) We would take turns being either the little girl or the toy doll/soldier. Whoever was the little girl would pretend to be asleep on the couch and, much like The Nutcracker, the toy would come to life in the middle of the night. The girl would wake up and be completely awestruck. The toy and the girl would dance together for that one night until the toy turned back into a toy. We would basically dance around the room together to the music and inevitably the girl would try to touch an ornament on the tree. This happened in cheesy slow motion. The girl's hand would be cupped toward the ornament and the doll would brush her hand away (just in time!), warning that if an ornament was touched that it would all be over and the doll would go back to being a doll. Mind you this was all done in silence because, hello, dolls can't talk and, hello, the Nutcracker was a ballet not a musical. Sometimes to mix it up a bit the toy would pull back the curtains to show the little girl the sparkling snow. When the music was about to stop, the doll would tuck the little girl back into bed and when she woke again the toy was a toy again and she was left with only a secret memory of the magic.

I laugh out loud thinking about this tradition we had because it was so silly, but to tell you the truth, even though it is funny to think back on, it was really special because it was something between sisters--it was a Christmas tradition celebrated by only Sara and me, together. The memory, in its truest form, is something that only she and I can ever really know. What other words can I use to describe what we shared dancing around the room in the light of the Christmas tree? There really are no words. It was with such innocence and excitement that we danced.

It is now with adult eyes that I look back on our tradition with fondness and a crooked smile. I can't help but feel like that little girl all grown up, wanting so badly for the "toys to come to life," to feel that kind of warmth in my heart again. I know that even if we put on Nutcracker music and tried to relive the memory, the room would be filled with laughter rather than magic. My hope for us is that someday our child spirits can live on in our own children and they can know in their hearts what we once knew. But in the meantime, I am going to continue to enjoy the memory and laugh with Sara about our Christmas tradition each year during the holiday season.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Answers to Things You Probably Never Wanted to Know About Me

Stolen from Lauren
Stole from Aimee

1. Snuck out of the house: No
2. Gotten lost in your city: Definitely
3. Seen a shooting star: Yes, once or twice.
4. Been to any other countries besides Canada: France, England, Australia and I'm hoping to go to Dominican Republic next year (Edgar's homeland) :-)
5. Had a serious surgery: No.
6. Gone out in public in your pajamas: Yes, in college I did.
7. Kissed a stranger: Yes. More than once.
8. Hugged a stranger: Yeah, I'm sure.
9. Been in a fist fight: Nope.
10. Been arrested: No.
11. Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose: No, I don't think so. Is this quiz boring you guys already because I am so boring?
12. Pushed all the buttons on an elevator: No.

13. Swore at your parents: I'm sure I have, back when I was a teen.
14. Been in love: Yes.
15. Been close to love: Yeah.
16. Been to a casino: No.
17. Been skydiving: No, but I would skydive before I bungy jumped.
18. Skinny dipped: Yes.

19. Skipped school: Yeah, I've skipped classes in college before, but not very often. When I was studying in Australia I probably skipped the most (i'm a good student, but Australia was too fun to go to class sometimes) In highschool if I skipped school it wasn't like I was being sneaky. I'd get permission from my parents and stay home to work on college apps or something like that. See, I am boring.
20. Seen a therapist: No, but I used to see a counselor at college (to talk about body image, if you have to know)
21. Done the splits: No.
22. Played spin the bottle: I don't think so.
23. Gotten stitches: In my mouth.
24. Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour: No and I don't intend to.
25. Bitten someone: LOL I'm sure I have bitten my sister when we were kids, although I think she was more of a biter and I was a pincher. Actually, she was a puncher and I was a pincher. If we fought right now I think it would still be that way. It says a lot about our personalities really. Anyway, back to the biting, does biting someone during sexual relations count? Kinky, yes, but I've done it.
26. Been to Niagara Falls: Three times I think.
27. Gotten the chicken pox: I have the scars to prove it!
28. Kissed a member of the same sex: Yes I have.
29. Crashed into a friend's car: Nope.
30. Been to Japan: No.
31. Ridden in a taxi: Yes.
32. Been dumped: Yes.
33. Shoplifted: Nope, I would feel too guilty. I am a good person. But I was with a friend once and she was shoplifting, but I didn't know it until after she did it. If she got caught I could have gotten in trouble. What a bitch. We aren't very close anymore.
34. Been fired: No.
35. Had a crush on someone of the same sex: No.
36. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back: Yeah, I think everyone has been there.
37. Gone on a blind date: Kind of...I went on a date with someone I met through a friend. Nothing came of it...I don't think either of us were really into each other, so it was more of hanging out with a friend of a friend.
38. Lied to a friend: Yeah, but not in a mean way and it's not something I do often.
39. Had a crush on a teacher: Not really. I mean there were a few I thought were attractive.
40. Celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans: No.
41. Slept with a co-worker: No. But when I was a Resident Advisor my senior year of college I slept with an advisee. His name is Edgar.
42. Seen someone die: No.
43. Had a close friend die: No.
44. Been to Africa: No, but I have relatives there.
45. Driven over 400 miles in one day: Syracuse, NY to Richmond, VA is the farther I've driven by myself. That is probably 400 miles, right?
46. Been to Mexico: No.
47. Been to India: No.
48. Been on a plane: Yes.
49. Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show: Nope.
50. Thrown up in a bar: Nasty, no.
51. Purposely set a part of myself on fire: No!
52. Eaten sushi: mmm of course

53. Been skiing/snowboarding: I used to cross country ski when I was a kid and I've downhill skied too, but it's not really my favorite thing-I am a wimp.
54. Lost a child: No.

55. Gone to college/university: Yes.
56. Graduated college/university: Yes.
57. Fired a gun: No.
58. Purposely hurt yourself: Sometimes after I blow out a candle I put my fingers in the wax and it hurts, but it's not like I cut myself.
59. Taken painkillers: Yes.
60. Been intimate with someone of the same gender: Kind of intimate, I guess, depending on how you definte intimate. Let's just say I haven't had sex with someone of the same sex.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A very rough draft

Have I ever told you that I write poetry? Wrote poetry? I have been writing poetry since I was probably 6 or 7. Remember Shell Silverstein? That was the first poetry book I ever read. And no one told me to read it. I found it in the public library one summer. I think I was actually born to write (even though it doesn't always come easy), but that is questionable now. I definitely don't write nearly enough and it is always a regret of mine. So I am trying to write more often because the happiness and sense of accomplishment I get from writing is tremendous. Not only that, but growing up my teachers had always supported me and encouraged me. I won awards for my poetry. It's what I could do well.

I am not a short story writer. I always have trouble ending a story and developing characters in a way that is not completely cliche. My attention span is not there when it comes to writing fiction, but when it comes to poetry, I could spend hours upon hours working on one line, one mere word, in a poem. My best writing has actually been the result of deadlines. I love poetry classes because I have to have something written. It is motivating to have a non-self-imposed deadline and it is inspiring to be around other writers. Until I find a class to go to locally, my goal is to focus on writing more and force myself to write and not be concerned if what I write is complete crap--this is an issue of mine...I need to just let go and tell myself that no one has to see what I write if I don't want them to. But I hesitate because what if what I write isn't good enough? Good enough for whom? Your guess is as good as mine! Anyway, I've been working on this poem. It is extremely "rough" and it doesn't have a title yet (it will soon though because I strongly believe that a poem should have a title). What do you think? Just so you know, I thrive off of constructive criticism. I am a true masochist when is comes to my writing because I know it will only make me better. Like I said, give this a read and know that it is not a finished product...

When I moved into my first house
I painted the bedroom aloe-vera
green and bright
to cover up the rich violet paint thick
from the girl who lived here before.
She begged her mother to paint
pulling on apron strings
until they came undone—
plum flesh walls
like summer fruit breaking, oozing
between new teeth.

Each stroke of my brush concealed
her foolish choices, smothering
chips of violet
until something she would have never chosen
and my own mother would have frowned upon

During the day sun enters
and warm color bounces about the room
with surety.
But during sleepless night’s still hours
the girl returns, her hands
pressing out from behind the paint
like sweet pastry glaze
flaking in tiny fingers.
Her sticky-faced child demands
make me uneasy so I breathe into her
words of adult reason
suffocating false notions.
I whisper over and over
I am a woman— green
bright and happy

until she surrenders
and retreats.

Thanks for reading. Please comment. Also, let me know if you are a writer or poet! THANKS!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Oui! Oui! Oui!

When I was a sophomore in college I was dating this guy who was studying abroad at Oxford. Over my two week Spring break he was also on a break so I decided to go visit him. We traveled around London for a week and Paris for about 4 days. In Paris we stayed in this cute place. It was narrow, but tall and had a spiral staircase with rooms off of it. There were no bathrooms in the room, but there was one across the hall and if you kept walking up the staircase there was a bathroom with one of those "toilets" that was really just a hole in the floor and places on the side to put your feet. The guy I was with decided to try it because apparently it was "more natural." Um, okay no thanks. Ok, so I tried it once, but only to do number one! Downstairs there was a spacious shower with one of those rain-like shower heads! It was a really interesting place located on this cute, French street. Adorable.

The only thing was, the walls were paper thin. One night we were hanging out in the room and we heard something coming from the room next to ours. First there was grunting coming from a man. And then a woman who started yelling "Oui! Oui! Oui!" More grunting and then silence. Now I think it is a little cliche and funny to yell "Yes! Yes! Yes!" in bed, but to each her own. But if you ever wanted to know if women in other countries also yell "Yes" in bed, well, now you know.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

When in Doubt, Steal from a Theif

Thanks Sarah!

Here are some one word "answers" to these "questions."

Yourself: Confident

Your partner: listener

Your hair: wet
Your Mother: friend
Your Father: calm
Your Favorite Item: Sentimental
Your dream last night: restaurant

Your Favorite Drink: coke
Your Dream Car: jetta
Your Dream Home: country
The Room You Are In: office

Your Ex: arrogant
Your fear: regret

Where you Want to be in Ten Years? ALIVE!
Who you hung out with last night:Edgar
What You're Not: aggressive
Muffins: blueberry
One of Your Wish List Items: diamonds
Time: changes

The Last Thing You Did: ate
What You Are Wearing: pearls
Your favorite weather: autumn
Your Favorite Book: feminist
Last thing you ate: cereal
Your Life: changing
Your mood: indifferent

Your Best Friends: supportive
What are you thinking about right now: work
Your car: wet

What are you doing at the moment: thinking
Your summer: sweet
Relationship status: yes

What is on your tv: remote
What is the weather like: rain

When is the last time you laughed: morning

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Speaking of Christmas...

My parents asked me to send them a Christmas list. I need to go to the mall and pick out some clothing that I might like, but so far, here is my list. It is pretty unreasonable with items such as diamond earrings, a camcorder and a camera. Does this list make me sound like a brat? I know I'm not going to get all of this so don't worry. I am not that spoiled. Okay, I'm kind of spoiled.

Lindsey's Christmas List
Vera Dog leash/collar
Large Vera Bradley Lamp Shade
Diamond Earrings
Oneida Flatware
Victoria ’s Secret Panties (cotton, medium, bikini cut--I'm asking my parents for panties, I can't ask for anything sexy! And let's face it, I wear this type almost everyday, so comfy)
Duvet Cover
Dior Perfume
Josh Turner CD

Yep, pretty unreasonable.

What are you asking for this year for your holiday of choice?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Christmas is...

...just around the corner! In just over a month Christmas will be here. The thought of having only a few more pay checks before then, bills to pay and presents to buy kind of stresses me out a little bit. I have started thinking about presents I'd like to get for friends and family, but I haven't actually bought anyone anything yet. I'm going to try and space it out a little bit so there isn't such a hard blow all at once to my bank account. But even though I am slightly stressed about money, I am looking forward to the holiday season--even if it doesn't quite feel so late in the year! Starbucks already has peppermint, gingerbread and egg nog drinks (yum!) and stores are starting to put up Christmas displays. I will say I was not okay with Target having Christmas aisles right next to the Halloween stuff. That was totally uncool, Target. I love Halloween with a passion, but still my favorite holiday has to be Christmas. There is nothing like waking up on Christmas morning, Mom cooking the traditional egg dish and warming up the grilled stickies and Sara (my sister) and I searching for the Christmas pickle ornament--a German tradition. What I truly love most about Christmas is not the gifts (although, giving and receiving gifts is really fun). No, what I love most are the traditions and the warmth. I love being around my favorite people and sharing memories. I love the fireplace roaring and drawing out the present opening into the afternoon. I love listening to Christmas music. I love going to my best friend Matt's house and checking out his loot and spending time with his family, too. I love seeing snow, something I miss now that I am living in Richmond. I love how happy and cheerful everyone is, despite being stressed about their bank accounts.

I've already booked my flight home. I'm staying longer this year than I have the past two years. I am hoping to be able to see a lot more of my friends this way and I'll be able to spend more time with my family. Edgar has come home with me the past two years, but this year he has decided to stay here and spend Christmas with his mom. I completely understand and I'm okay with this even though I will miss him. As I get a little bit older and closer to marriage and starting my own family, I feel saddened that one day I probably won't go back home to my parents' house and instead I'll stay home and carry on old traditions and create new ones of my own. I hope to see my parents on Christmas at least for a few more years, but at some point the year will come that I don't make it home for Christmas. But for now I will just try to enjoy the holiday season which is upon us.

Please share with me your favorite holiday memories or traditions...regardless of what holiday you may (or may not) celebrate during this time of year.

Exercise Tracker: I am not feeling really great tonight so I didn't work out, but so far this month I've only missed 3 days, which really isn't so bad, right???? Let's face it, I'd be more ashamed if I missed a day of blogging.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lauren, pronounced Laaren (like lark, not laringitis)

(Future wives of Edgar, because he believes strongly in polygamy...or so he says after watching Big Love...pathetic)

Lauren (on the left) is seen with Stacia in this picture from my suprise birthday party. Lauren grew up with Sarah. They have been best friends for a long time. Lauren recently started working with Sarah and me, but more with me because we both work in fund raising while Sarah works for our corporate office. I've been getting to know Lauren better and better and I'm finding out how nice and sweet and funny she is. She has been commuting from Charlottesville, but is planning to move to Richmond ASAP. I can't wait until she lives closer because I'd like to hang out with her more. Yay for friends!

Now I don't ask much of you all, but if you wouldn't mind, please check out Lauren's blog now and then and if you wouldn't mind commenting, that would be cool too. Thanks so much ya'll! Here is the link! And keep working on the pronunciation of her name. I am trying really hard and sometimes I still say Louren and not Laauren. But don't worry, you will get it eventually.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Yesterday morning when Edgar and I were at Lowes buying paint my mom called and I was talking to her about decorating and painting. I was commenting on how I think my favorite Vera Bradley pattern is Java Blue. I said, "I wish they made Vera Bradley duvet covers. I should call up Ms. Bradley and see if she could add that to her collection."

Fast forward to Saturday evening.

I was checking out the VB site to see if there was anything that I should add to my Christmas list or if there was anything I thought certain people might deserve for Christmas if they had been good this year. I noticed that there was a new "My Home" section. I started freaking out when I saw that they now have Java Blue bed linens AND a Java Blue lamp shade!!!! I literally screamed and called my mom at 11:30 pm to tell her! They also have men's ties now too, but I can't see Edgar wearing one, but I digress. I immediated put Java Blue lamp shade on my Christmas list (I don't like the actual lamp that goes with it). Won't this look awesome in my new blue bedroom?!!And here is a look at the bedding...

The bedding I am up in the air about. The website didn't list prices as it is not available online yet. I do think it is cute. I'm not sure about the checked part, but I definitely wouldn't mind some of the pillows in the floral pattern. Oh my gosh, you guys don't know how happy I am.

Another cool thing I found while perusing the site was this. It lists all of the retired colors EVER. They date all the way back to 1986, when I was 5 years old! Totally awesome.

I love me some Vera!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Roses are Red, Bedrooms are Blue

Sleeping on the aerobed last night was not exactly heavenly. The air in the bed was cold and made me a little shivery. It made my back hurt too. But I was so tired that I actually got a decent amount of sleep. My poodle, Zoey, did wake me up this morning by licking my mouth. For some reason she is always trying to lick everyone's lips and mouth. She is very cute, but the licking is nasty. The plan for the day was to paint the bedroom, hallway, living room and dining area. I think we were being a little ambitious. We got the bedroom done and I heart, heart, heart it! It is the perfect color of blue--exactly what I wanted! It has inspired me to want to decorate and hang pictures and look at decorating magazines. This house, like my life, is a work in progress. I think tomorrow we might do the hallway and dining area and possibly save the living room for next weekend. We will have to see how quickly the painting goes. It takes longer than one would think. This picture does not do it justice, but here is my new, blue bedroom of joy! :-)

Friday, November 10, 2006


Edgar and I decided to get a head start on our weekend of painting our house. The plan was to paint the bedroom, dining area, living room and possibly my office/glorified closet. We have been getting mold on our bedroom walls. We clean it with diluted bleach, but it still keeps coming back. So a kind Lowes employee suggested we use an oil based primer and a paint with some gloss to prevent the mold from growing. We decided to prime the bedroom. We started priming and probably about 20 minutes later I thought I was going to pass out from the fumes. If you've never used an oil based primer just know that it is much, much stronger than regular primer. We opened the windows, but other than that the room is not very well ventilated. Do you know the feeling when you are drunk and just starting to sober up? That is how I have felt for the past 3 hours. Lights bother me and everything is a little blurry. You know how your face looks weird when you are drunk and you look in the mirror? Yeah, that happened to me. The fumes are that bad. I've never experienced anything like this while completely sober. I do not like it. It sucks. I feel dizzy as I'm writing this. There is no way we can sleep in there tonight so instead we are having a slumber party in the living room and sleeping on the air mattress. It's going to be sooooooooo romantic, that is, if the room stops spinning. Okay, I have to go now--I think I'm gonna pass out.

Oh I almost forgot to mention. I did 30 min of cardio thursday morning and I went on a light jog/walk this morning and walked for my 30 min lunch break at work.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Thoughts on Immigration

Thank you Erica for requesting that I share with you my views on illegal immigration. Sure, I'd be happy to! I'd like to begin by saying that I appreciate diversity, I love diversity, I learn from diversity. This country is made up of a very diverse group of people and it would be extremely boring if that were not the case. With the exception of Native Americans, everyone in this country is or is a descendant of an immigrant. My mother was born in Germany--she is actually 100% Polish--but she came to this country as a child. My boyfriend, Edgar, was born in the Dominican Republic and came to this country with his family when he was 3 years old. For the sake of discussion I am going to use Mexican immigration as my example since it is talked about so frequently in the news. My "Mexican citizen no more" friend Michael just became an American citizen yesterday! Yay Michael! But he has been living in this country legally for years. I have plenty of friends in similar situations. I believe that immigration itself is all fine and good, that is, if you do it legally. If you come into this country illegally you are just pissing off all of the people who went to the trouble to do it the right way and become a citizen. Also, if you are born in this country and your parents were in this country illegally, that should not make you and legal citizen. I don't believe that if you have been in this country for a certain amount of time and you lucked out and didn't get caught that you should automatically gain citizenship. No, that is not how it should work. I don't care if you do the jobs "no one else wants." Do you know why? Because when your van of illegals crashes into a car, you drive away not knowing if you've hurt someone because all you care about is not getting caught (true story--this happened to a girl I know and she was not actually hurt so she drove after them while calling the police and the police caught them!) And when you crash into the tree in front of my office and you run away bleeding because you don't want to get caught, not only is that a sad situation, it is unsafe! You need medical attention, dude! So when you don't take responsibility for your actions or for the welfare of others you may have hurt, I can't agree that you should be allowed here. I believe we need better border control and we need to deport anyone found in this country who is here illegally. I know it might suck in whatever country you are in if you are willing to come to the "land of opportunity" and risk so much. But you can have the opportunity if you do it the right way like everyone else.

I'd also like to point out that being a Libra, I have always concerned myself over what is fair and not fair. And I know that all of this is just one point of view, but it gets under my skin so bad if something someone is doing is, to me, unfair. And I think it is fair to follow the legal process to come into the United States.

What do you think? Am I being to harsh? Not harsh enough? Let me know your thoughts, even if your thoughts are that you would slap me if you could.

I am always willing to consider another side.

Yesterday's Post--Blogger Was Down!!!

Blogger was down everytime I tried to post last night (totally stressful) and still down when I tried to post at 5:30 am! I tried to post up until I went to bed and it still wasn't working, so this will have to count for yesterday because I did write. I hope I can still be counted as a NaBloPoMoer. It wasn't my fault people! This is what I wrote...

Well, it's the day after Britney's announcement and the day after the election. The race between Webb and "macaca" in Virginia was too close to call, but recent updates have put Webb as the winner--YAY!!! Sometimes I hate this generally conservative state, but then I think, I'm glad Virginia has me. New York has enough Democrats, let's share the wealth already. I am really ecstatic that the Democrats have taken control again!

I think Britney and K-Fed's divorce is still too close to call. I've heard rumors that the whole filing for divorce thing is just a threat to Kevin, warning him that he needs to clean up his act. Do you know that his album debuted at number 151 with a total of 6,000 records sold. Pathetic. I am kind of hoping that they don't reconcile. I think the country is ready for a change--I'm ready for Brit to regain control!

In outrageous, "I'm going to hurt someone" news, the marriage amendment passed. I don't know what the hell is wrong with people. If you are not gay, how does gay marriage or gay relationships truly effect you? Would gay marriage make you feel like your marriage does not mean as much? Probably not. Your spouse cheating on you might make you feel that way, but gay marriage? In a world where people are getting divorced left and right, don't you think we should honor and accept any couple who loves each other and wants to be joined in holy matrimony, regardless of whether or not the couple is a man or a woman, two women or two men? I think love should be respected and honored above all. Discriminating against people never amounts to anything good or productive. So, what gives?

It was Britney's choice to have a baby and then another baby and every woman should have the right to choose. Every woman should have complete control over her own body when it comes to reproduction. I believe in a pro-choice America. If I got pregnant, I don't know if I would have an abortion. Ten years ago, I probably would have an abortion, but now that I'm 25, I would probably have the child. But this does not mean that I should have the right to tell another woman what she should do. If she wants to have an abortion, I would fully support her decision.

These two topics are hot button issues for me. Another hot issue for me is illegal immigrants, a topic I am a bit more conservative about. I can save that for another day if anyone wants to hear my opinions. If not, I am done being political for a long time and we can all get back to talking and thinking about gaucho pants and whether or not we like leggings worn under skirts/dresses.

So what do you think? ...about leggings that is...

Also, is there anything you'd like me to discuss in this blog? It's day 8 and I am really afraid that I am completely boring you! I also have to say that I didn't work out today...AGAIN! That is 2 times already this month. And I have been feeling a bit plump thighs and belly are not looking so cute. But give a girl a break! I am bleeding and I have cramps and I feel bitchy. Perfect for getting fired up on election week...fired up about Brit and K-Fed that is.


Get over it people, TMI is the name of my game. And blogger wasn't posting during NaBloPoMo...what do you expect from me?!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why is Everyone Getting Divorced?

The world is talking...Britney has filed for divorce from K-Fed. Now remember that I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brit before she got all skanky so I still have some feelings for her. I'm actually pretty shocked that they are divorcing. Let me rephrase, maybe I'm not shocked that they are divorcing, but rather that they are divorcing right after they had their second baby. But then again Kevin left his pregnant girlfriend to be with Britney. I wonder what happened? It sucks not knowing exactly what happened because I have to know. Do you think there is a chance for a reconciliation? Do we want a reconciliation? I've spoken to Sarah and Edgar about this and all of us agree that we are sick of Kevin. It's not even that she is the breadwinner, it is more because it seems like he is trying to use her stardom so he can be a rapper. But really, he isn't good. And no one cares. And truth be told, without her, he really is nothing. I wonder if he will just sort of fade away or if he really will make it. It's too bad, I don't like to see anyone divorcing. Remember how devestated I was after Nick&Jess broke up? Carmen and Dave made me sad, but Reese and Ryan made me even sadder. And now Britney and K-Fed!? All of my teeny bopper lovers are ruining it for me--what is going on ladies? Stop crushing my dreams for you!!!

Exercise Tracker: 30 min. cardio this morning

Monday, November 06, 2006

It Totally Screamed Stacia!

So today at work one of my coworkers, Abigail, asked if I could pick up a cake for her tonight. Sarah couldn't pick it up because she had class until 9 and Abigail lives in Culpeper, about an hour and a half away. She only works in our Richmond office once or twice a week. Her son's 28th birthday is tomorrow and he really wanted a vegan cake. He isn't vegan, but he loves their cake so Abigail wanted to surprise him. At first I was like, whatever, no big deal, I can pick up a cake for her. I didn't think it was going to be that exciting of a night, and I wouldn't say it was exciting, but I had a really fun night with Edgar. First we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant (no place fancy) and then headed to Elwood Thompson's an all natural, organic, etc. etc. you get the idea, market in Carytown, the kind of artsy, funky part of Richmond. It's a street with all kinds of goodness--boutiques, Stacia's favorite wine store, funky furniture, jewelry stores, etc. I had never been in Elwood Thompson's before and let's face it, I eat meat, drink Starbucks and shop at Target. I'm not really the organic, tree-hugger type, although I completely admire and respect that type of lifestyle. And honestly, if I could afford to do my grocery shopping at Elwood Thompson's, I totally would! There is a high price to pay for organic. Edgar and I had so much fun though looking at all of the organic, all natural foods and household products. Seriously, it was a learning experience. The place totally screamed Stacia. And thanks to Stacia I was totally able to tell Edgar all about "free birds" and "farm raised fish." I even bought myself a vegan cookie and while eating it I said "I could totally be vegan." Oh wait, that would only be possible if all I ate were cookies! I used to date a guy who was vegan for a while until he decided to eat steak because he wanted to be a corporate lawyer and didn't want to look like a sissy at his future business dinners. No, I am not making this up. Anyway, I once tried to be vegan for a day. It lasted until I went out to dinner that night and had chicken fingers.

I'm tired now and rambling and have to go to bed, but the point of all of this was to say, I didn't expect to have fun tonight, but it was surprisingly a really good time. Sometimes my favorite times with Edgar are random nights like tonight.

Exercise Tracker: Yesterday I went on a 30 minute walk and today I went to the gym before work and did 30 minutes of cardio and I also went for a 30 minute walk during my lunch break! Yay!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Do you ever wake up from a dream that seemed so real? Do you ever wake up and wish that life was as you dreamed it while you were sleeping? I've had dreams before where I've had a closet full of new clothes and then woken up really disappointed when I realized it was a dream and I had to go choose what to wear from the same old stuff. I've also had dreams where I've been in the perfect relationship and so in love and then when I woke up I wished that it was true, that this mystery man existed in real life. When I have this love dream I don't dream about a person I know, it's just some stranger I'm in love with. Perhaps he is the man version of me or my idea of what my perfect man would be like if life were that perfect.

Sometimes I don't dream a lot, or rather, I don't remember my dreams. But lately I have been having a lot of dreams and they have been more vivid than usual. Sometimes my dreams are scary, a lot of times they take place in the house I grew up in or where I went to middle school or high school--and they may not have anything to do with school, but it is the setting for the randomness of my dreams. Sometimes I really think my dreams are random. People I barely know will show up--maybe someone from highschool I hardly ever talked to or sometimes people from when I was really young show up, as adults. It's strange and makes me wonder why these people, tucked away in my subconscious, are suddenly deciding to make themselves known. Do I appear in the dreams of people I barely know?

Sometimes I have recurring dreams, like the one where I stop going to English class and it is the end of the semester and I just realized that I was supposed to be attending that class, but for some reason I had just stopped going. Just thinking about this dream is making me feel anxious. In the end of the dream I knew I was supposed to be going, but I had missed so many classes I was embarassed to go back and now I would have to tell my dad. This is the worst part of the dream...I know I have to tell him, but I am so afraid that he will be disappointed in me. Go ahead, psychoanalyze that one, biatches.

Other times I have dreams about a location and then in my waking life I will be somewhere I've never been before and I will recognize it from a dream. Seriously, I think I dream the future sometimes--like dream deja vu. Has this ever happened to you? There are a few dreams I have where the location is so real that right now I can think of details of a few different dream locations and I feel as if I have actually been there. I really like dream analysis--I used to have a dream dictionary, but it was not a very good one. There are websites out there I look at when I feel like I need to analyze a dream, such as Soul Future

Last night I had a dream that was so good, so real that it has consumed my thoughts all day. I dreamt last night that I had a baby, a girl dressed in pink and white. My mother was there in the dream and I was breast feeding my baby. When I woke up all I could think about was my desire to have a baby of my very own. I think it probably can be interpreted as some need to be nurtured and the need to nurture. Soul Future says that breasts can symbolize nourishment, nurturing, something feminine. I know now is not the time for a baby in my life--rationally I don't want a baby at all right now, but the dream said otherwise. So now I am going to try and get pregnant.

Just kidding. No way. But it was such an interesting dream. It was such a nice dream. So real.
What are your experiences with dreams?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is that a cowboy in your pants?

According to the most reliable source on the internet, Wikipedia, gaucho is defined as a term commonly used to describe residents of the South American pampas, chacos or Patagonian grasslands, found principally in parts of Argentina, Uruguay, and the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. The word gaucho could be described as a loose equivalent to the North American "cowboy." An image search on google gave me these fine gentlemen.

Incidentally it also turned up this image.

I'm all for some Spanish cowboys (well, if I let him wear my new hat, Edgar is my Spanish cowboy) and don't get me wrong, I'd totally befriend los gauchos GAY. Please note, if you vote for the incredibly discriminatory marriage amendment in Virginia in next week's election I don't think we can be friends anymore, but I digress. The real reason I am writing today is to express my love of the pants.
I LOVE gauchos!!! I thought my relationship with capris was the best it could ever get, but then my friends, the fashion world came out with the gaucho pant and consequently I have a new love of my life. They are so comfortable and fun, I could wear them everyday. Let's face it I practically do wear them everyday. The look good in the summer with a strappy sandal, they look cute with ballet flats and they look awesome with knee high boots (my other love of the moment). Wearing regular length pants is fine, but as time goes on they get boring. Gauchos make picking out what to wear fun again. They are good for work, play, the beach, the country...gauchos, gauchos everywhere. HEART.

Please just don't wear gauchos that look like this. Ew. Fashion don't. (Sorry girl I do not know from the internet but you look hideous)

So do you like gauchos? Do you wear gauchos? If you don't will you buy a pair? Go ahead, you might find a new love and you won't know how you lived without them.

Exercise Tracker: I did 30 minutes on the eliptical and to make up for yesterday I did an extra 20 minutes (on the incline trainer).

Friday, November 03, 2006


Well that lasted two days. Not the posting, I am posting SEE...POST! If me working out every day for a month sounded too good to be true, then it probably was. I set my alarm for 5:15 because Edgar said he would work out with me. (Okay, here comes the blame) When the alarm went off I continued to hit the snooze button, once every 10 minutes, for 30 minutes. At this point I said, "Are we going to the gym?" and he said "No." Let's face it, I could have gotten up on my own and gone to the gym but my bed was SO WARM AND COZY. So I figured I would just walk during my lunch break, but then the day got away from me and I never took my lunch break. And now that I am home I still could go to the gym, but instead I am going to go have dinner with Edgar and his family. I even tried to say I couldn't go because But doesn't that sound psycho? And I would never do anything psycho regarding my weight like weigh myself on other people's scales in their homes to see if those scales will tell me that I am fatter than I initially thought. No, not me. I would definitely never do that. Sarah and Michael have never ever thought about hiding their scale when I come over. Nope. So I'm sitting here like a total failure...but I promise to do extra tomorrow. Maybe shopping in addition to the gym can count? Hey, trying on pants is just like doing leg lifts, right? Drinking a Starbucks must work the muscles in my esophagus, right? Anyway, my ride is here. I'm off to eat. Hopefully I'll be better the rest of November!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Must Post Must Post Must Post

I can't believe it is day number 2 and already I am thinking, what am I going to post about?! I am falling apart under all of this pressure :-)

Today I went to Culpeper, Virginia. I work in non-profit fundraising and I raise money for our retirement communities, one of which is in Culpeper. To promote our planned giving society we host coffeehouse type events in the communities. I'm basically the one who plans the event and puts together a program that includes resident performances. We had a guitar player, a poet, a story teller, etc. It turned out to be a great day even though it began with a crisis over not having easels to display artwork at the event. Anyway, once that problem was solved it was smooth sailing. After the event I was even invited back to the poet's room to see the view from her apartment. Interacting with the residents and other people associated with the organization is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Another good part of the day was that the drive was beautiful and the leaves have turned colors, but are still on the trees! About half of the drive is through small towns and farm land--I secretly desire to live in a rural place like that. Of course I would have to be able to get to a mall without having to drive more than 30 minutes.

When I got home this evening I was so beat, but my wonderful boyfriend took me out to eat, we came back and watched The Office (HEART!) and now I am thinking about passing out. Edgar and I got up early and took the dogs for a run (AWWWW, family time at 5 am). It was so nice to begin my day going out and doing something with Edgar before the sun even came up. And he was the one who suggested we go running which is even more amazing. So now, my blog post has turned into what I did today, but seriously, I am just so tired I can't come up with anything great. Hope I haven't bored you too badly. Come back and visit tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So this morning I woke up actually a bit stressed out about posting. Should I post while I eat my breakfast? Should I show up to work later than usual so I can get my post done for day 1 of NaBloPoMo?? What if something happens like a tornado or terrorist attack or mudslide and I can't post after work? Then what? Then I have failed. I don't want to fail!

Well, the world didn't end and here I am, ready for the challenge. I also decided that in conjunction with posting this month I am also going to challenge myself to do some form of exercise everyday of November as well. Today I went for a 35 minute run after work. And please let me clarify that "some form of exercise" can mean walking, pilates, cardio at the gym etc. Sex, as cardio intensive as it may be, does not in fact count. I figured since October was my birthday binge/Halloween/all the other days of eating crap in between and my pants are feeling tight, November can be the fitness month before the holiday yummies and peppermint lattes. I can't promise that I won't eat any sweets in November, I am just challenging myself to get my booty off the couch every single day. Obviously if I am sick or something happens making it impossible for me to work out, then that doesn't count. You get the idea.

Anyway, how is everyone? How was everyone's fright night? Below is a picture of my babies in the window and my pumpkin that to me looks more like Christopher Reeve than a skull. Am I the only one who sees it?

The most memorable trick-or-treaters I had last night were two girls who were trick-or-treating with their mom tagging along. Well, not only did they have a trick-or-treat bag for mom, but after I gave them candy they stood there looking at me with their bags open looking for more. WTF? Greedy biatches.

The other memorable kid was on his cell phone and said "Hang on" to the person he was talking to..."Trick-or-Treat." When I gave him candy he said thanks and went back to talking. Wow. It was actually funny and the boy was cute about it. He knew I was laughing at him and he kind of giggled back. Look, I wasn't hitting on him. He was a cutie, but seriously, he was like 11.

I felt old because I said things like ,"What is with kids these days? Back in my day..." and "Kids are so rude these days..." and something about walking 10 miles to school uphill in the snow in -30 degree weather. I guess this is just all part of turning 25.

Did you guys have any memorable Halloween moments?

(Phew!! Post 1 is done!)