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Friday, November 17, 2006

Oui! Oui! Oui!

When I was a sophomore in college I was dating this guy who was studying abroad at Oxford. Over my two week Spring break he was also on a break so I decided to go visit him. We traveled around London for a week and Paris for about 4 days. In Paris we stayed in this cute place. It was narrow, but tall and had a spiral staircase with rooms off of it. There were no bathrooms in the room, but there was one across the hall and if you kept walking up the staircase there was a bathroom with one of those "toilets" that was really just a hole in the floor and places on the side to put your feet. The guy I was with decided to try it because apparently it was "more natural." Um, okay no thanks. Ok, so I tried it once, but only to do number one! Downstairs there was a spacious shower with one of those rain-like shower heads! It was a really interesting place located on this cute, French street. Adorable.

The only thing was, the walls were paper thin. One night we were hanging out in the room and we heard something coming from the room next to ours. First there was grunting coming from a man. And then a woman who started yelling "Oui! Oui! Oui!" More grunting and then silence. Now I think it is a little cliche and funny to yell "Yes! Yes! Yes!" in bed, but to each her own. But if you ever wanted to know if women in other countries also yell "Yes" in bed, well, now you know.


  • At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Motherload said…

    ... And THIS little piggy cried "Oui! Oui! Oui!" all the way home. And I do mean 'home'. :-)

  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger Lindsey said…


  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger Isabel said…

    "Oui! Oui! Oui!"

    I love it.

  • At 7:58 PM, Anonymous your dirty sister said…

    "..we were hanging out in the room and we heard something coming from the room next to ours."

    i think it should read

    "we heard someONE coming"

    heh heh heh


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