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Sunday, November 05, 2006

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Do you ever wake up from a dream that seemed so real? Do you ever wake up and wish that life was as you dreamed it while you were sleeping? I've had dreams before where I've had a closet full of new clothes and then woken up really disappointed when I realized it was a dream and I had to go choose what to wear from the same old stuff. I've also had dreams where I've been in the perfect relationship and so in love and then when I woke up I wished that it was true, that this mystery man existed in real life. When I have this love dream I don't dream about a person I know, it's just some stranger I'm in love with. Perhaps he is the man version of me or my idea of what my perfect man would be like if life were that perfect.

Sometimes I don't dream a lot, or rather, I don't remember my dreams. But lately I have been having a lot of dreams and they have been more vivid than usual. Sometimes my dreams are scary, a lot of times they take place in the house I grew up in or where I went to middle school or high school--and they may not have anything to do with school, but it is the setting for the randomness of my dreams. Sometimes I really think my dreams are random. People I barely know will show up--maybe someone from highschool I hardly ever talked to or sometimes people from when I was really young show up, as adults. It's strange and makes me wonder why these people, tucked away in my subconscious, are suddenly deciding to make themselves known. Do I appear in the dreams of people I barely know?

Sometimes I have recurring dreams, like the one where I stop going to English class and it is the end of the semester and I just realized that I was supposed to be attending that class, but for some reason I had just stopped going. Just thinking about this dream is making me feel anxious. In the end of the dream I knew I was supposed to be going, but I had missed so many classes I was embarassed to go back and now I would have to tell my dad. This is the worst part of the dream...I know I have to tell him, but I am so afraid that he will be disappointed in me. Go ahead, psychoanalyze that one, biatches.

Other times I have dreams about a location and then in my waking life I will be somewhere I've never been before and I will recognize it from a dream. Seriously, I think I dream the future sometimes--like dream deja vu. Has this ever happened to you? There are a few dreams I have where the location is so real that right now I can think of details of a few different dream locations and I feel as if I have actually been there. I really like dream analysis--I used to have a dream dictionary, but it was not a very good one. There are websites out there I look at when I feel like I need to analyze a dream, such as Soul Future

Last night I had a dream that was so good, so real that it has consumed my thoughts all day. I dreamt last night that I had a baby, a girl dressed in pink and white. My mother was there in the dream and I was breast feeding my baby. When I woke up all I could think about was my desire to have a baby of my very own. I think it probably can be interpreted as some need to be nurtured and the need to nurture. Soul Future says that breasts can symbolize nourishment, nurturing, something feminine. I know now is not the time for a baby in my life--rationally I don't want a baby at all right now, but the dream said otherwise. So now I am going to try and get pregnant.

Just kidding. No way. But it was such an interesting dream. It was such a nice dream. So real.
What are your experiences with dreams?


  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    I often have dreams that I remember, they are usually vivid and make no sense, they jump all over the place. I've used those online dream dictionaries and they usually aren't much help.

  • At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said… had me there at the end "so now I am going to get pregnant". I hate the "not going to English class" one, it's always a college class that for some reason is held at my high school. I've never wondered whose dreams I appear in but it's an interesting question...!


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