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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Frema Dream(a)

Just the other night it happened. I had my first dream about a blogger. I dreamt about my dear friend Frema. If you haven't read her blog before, you should. It's good. Good enough that you may even dream about her. The best thing about her is that she recently announced her pregnancy to the world. Yay! Babies! I love babies!

The dream was a combination of pregnant Frema's real life and Tori and Dean: Inn Love, a reality show in which Tori and Dean are hustling to buy, redecorate and open their trendy bed and breakfast before the arrival of their baby (she had the baby in real life, but not yet in the show). If you haven't seen this show, I'm not going to recommend that you do. It's not the best show ever, but then again, has that ever stopped me from watching a show before? Okay once, but I'd rather have a root canal than watch I Love New York. Tori and Dean: Inn Love is addictive, just not on same level as Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica once was, but I digress. Frema and Tori essentially morphed into the same person in my dream. Frema was telling me what it was like to be pregnant and how she wished her mom could be there for her during her pregnancy. She said that she and her mom were never close, but she was hoping the baby would bring them together. She let me know how thankful she was that her dad was there for her. Do you see how my mind has merged Frema and Tori's lives together? When I woke up from the dream, the whole scenario made me laugh. I've clearly been watching too much TV before bed and thinking way too much about babies.

How can I not think about babies? They are all around me. Dude I am not literally in a room full of babies right now. DEE DEE DEE (If you don't get the dee dee dee reference you are not my friend). Seriously though, my best friend from college called me a couple weeks ago to tell me that she is five months pregnant (and you waited until NOW to tell me? biatch) and Edgar's brother and sister-in-law have a baby boy who I get to see about once a week and my boss' daughter is pregnant and I was talking to my sister today about how much we both want babies someday. I just can't take it anymore! This past week I was very emotional because it was that time of the month and I went into Target and stopped at the baby section (bad idea) just to look at all the itty bitty baby clothes OHMIGOD BABIES!!! And I swear my body physically hurt (okay, it may have been the cramps) over yearning so badly for a wittle babykins of my very own.


If I take a deep breath and act rationally for a minute or two I realize that I don't actually want a baby right now. I want to be married first and more established career wise. Right now my relationship with Edgar and my career are my immediate priorities (and my family, but that goes without saying). I also know how difficult and consuming raising kids can be. But still, within a few years I'd like to consider the possibility of having a baby.

If having babies are a trend, I don't want to miss the boat. After all...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Food For Thought

Recently, Cece gave me this shiny award. Carrie totally objected to me getting the award because she doesn't think I deserve it, but of course we must keep in mind that she is from Oklahoma where a common pastime is noodling so I think it's safe to say that her judgement may be slightly impaired. I'm just saying. (hi carrie!)

What I appreciated most about the award was Cece's description of my blog. And I quote, "Lindsey at The Good Kind Of Dorky always has a mix bag of posts. She can make you laugh hard, like no one I know, and make you think just as hard." I loved this description not only because it was a huge compliment, but mostly because it made me say to myself, "this chick totally gets me and gets what my blog is all about." Thanks Cece! If you haven't checked out Cece's blog you should because it's a really hilarious and honest look at life from the perspective of a woman who wears many hats, so to speak, and doesn't take herself too seriously. Most importantly, this chick just knows how to have a good time. She's also really "random", which I love. (Okay, Cece, the check better be in the mail.)

Since I have been named a "thinking blogger," it is only fitting that I present to you something truly thought provoking.

When I was watching Desperate Housewives last night I got to thinking...if I, you know, had to bang (yes I just used the word bang, I'm 12 remember?) one of the men of DH, who would I choose? My head practically exploded from all of the thinking.

Let's start with a visual (of the men, not of my brains coming out)

I know there are other men on the show, but these are the main ones right now. It was difficult and a lot of thinking was involved, but I narrowed it down to two men. If I have to, I can narrow it to one, but then there goes the threesome. The point of all of this is to tell you that my conclusion frightened me and made me laugh. In my top two was Carlos, who has a striking resemblance to...

FREAKY, right????

So what does this tell us? For one, Edgar has a pretty good chance of getting laid. In general though, I guess this just means that I am attracted to dark manly men. Who is your favorite? Is your choice anything like your man in real life? (If you are a straight man, do this exercise using the women on the show)

Although I recognize that they are good looking, I didn't choose Ian, Tom or Orson because they are too pretty for my taste. I like to be the pretty one in the relationship. However, and I hope I'm not contradicting my theory, if I had to pick one and only one, I actually would have chosen Mike over Carlos in the end. I like Mike because he is manly, sexy and rugged--still keeping with my theory I would argue.

Okay, stop thinking so hard or you're going to hurt yourself. Leave the thinking to me, the thinking blogger.

In conclusion, Desperate Housewives actually holds the key to a better understanding of human nature, attraction and relationships. It is through this show that we can learn things previously unknown to mankind. And thus, I submit my nomination for Nobel Peace Prize. One can nominate oneself, right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's Get Our Fash On

Phew! My golf tournament is over and it went really, really well! Today is the first day I can actually relax and not have to eat, sleep and breathe golf. Now maybe my life can get some normalcy back in it. I started a post a few days ago and it has just been sitting here, minimized on my computer, waiting for me to return. Well, here I am. Now let's get on with it.

I think it's time we talk about something a little fluffy and insignificant--a much needed change after the week's tragic events. How about we talk about Jessica Simpson? I love Jessica I really do and I respect and support many of her decisions. Recently though she made a decision that no matter how hard I try, I cannot back her on.

High-waisted pants, no matter how "trendy" they may be right now...VETO. I am not okay with this look. Jessica is a small woman (the exception being her boobies), but this look makes her look like she has a lady belly lump, about 30 years premature. Her boobs look saggy with the shirt all tucked into her silly pants. Not cute Jessica, not cute at all. I don't think that pants have to be so low that one has butt cleavage, but that there (said with a Southern accent) is just way too high. Is there anyone out there who actually thinks this look is cute? Would you give this look a try?

One look that has been around for a couple of years, but I have noticed is huge in the stores this Spring is the bermuda shorts. I've held off on these because I hadn't found any that looked right on me and I just wasn't sure about them. Now with them for sale in just about every store, I decided it was about time to give in. Did I even have an option?

I just bought these from New York and Company aka Lerner. It's hard to tell from this picture, but they have thin pinstripes.

I'm debating whether or not I can get away with wearing them to work. I wish they had a little matching jacket. That would be hot. This is one trend that has definitely grown on me. I tend to like a lot of trendy styles, but my overall look can probably be described as classic with a hint of trendy. And things that sparkle are always in fashion. Obviously.

Edited to add: The proof that I started this post on Wednesday...the post date is Wednesday and it is really Friday night. Sad.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sounding preachy and cliche is a risk I'll have to take on a day like today

I had an idea for a post, but I really can't attempt to be funny right now or write anything happy. As I'm sure you know, a gunman killed 32 people at Virginia Tech today. Maybe because it happened in my state, but mostly because I find the whole situation to be just plain sad, I can't help but be glued to the television waiting for more "breaking news." I keep imagining myself when I was at college (I didn't attend Tech) and what it would have been like if that happened to me or my friends. What I've been thinking about the most though is what it must be like for the families, the parents. What if my parents got a phone call and the voice on the other end told them that their daughter had been killed in a massacre. It's unreal. I know people get calls like that everyday, whether it be a car accident, an illness, or the reality of war and all of those situations are just as tragic, but a massacre is truly hard to comprehend.

I found myself praying today. Not just today, but lately, I've been making sure to thank God for each day he gives me and for all of the days he watches over my loved ones. I've been trying not to live with so many worries and fears, but on days like today, it's hard not to. When I went to the gym tonight I watched people walk in the door and crossed my fingers that they weren't going to start shooting. I know we can't live in fear because it will hold us back from living, but the truth is, I start having anxieties about flying the very moment I book a flight. In fact, I'll be traveling to my sister's graduation in May and I'm already thinking about the flight. I'm anxious over the fact that I know I will be anxious. I know, insane! But what else can we do, but pray, make the best choices possible and simply, cross our fingers?

I (hopefully) will always be an optimist with a touch of realism. When I first meet someone I assume that they are good until they prove me otherwise. I know this sounds naive, but I refuse to live any other way. Obviously, one can't be so naive that safety is jeopardized, but in general when meeting a person for the first time I think it's fair to think the best. Even with all of the evil and bad in this world, I will always think that there is more good. I see good all around me all of the time and I am just so thankful that I'm alive and I'm thankful that you're alive. I'm thankful that no matter what happens, the good that is inherent in the human spirit will always come out on top.

There is however one thing I just haven't figured out quite yet. How do people do it--live their lives in faith rather than fear?

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Nice Compliment

Yesterday, I got one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. The man who works in my office with me (literally in the same office, but he is the construction manager so he's usually not there) and I were chatting and somehow we got to talking about age. He told me that he was really suprised that I was only 25 because he thought I was at least 30. Now, this came as a shock to me because generally people think I am about 5 years younger than I am, not 5 years older. Usually this doesn't bother me because I am hoping that when I am 50 that I still look 45. My parents look young for their ages, especially my mom (hi mom!) The only time when looking young bothers me is when I am the only one in the group who gets carded. I have actually said, "You are kidding, right?" to my waiter before. He wasn't kidding, but I digress. So after Mr. Contruction Manager said that, he then quickly said not to be offended. He told me that what he meant was that I come across as older because of how I carry myself and because of my professionalism. Me? Professional? Not that I think I am's just that I can be goofy sometimes and I try not to take myself too seriously. But it was such a cool compliment because no one has ever said something like that to me before. Thanks, Mr. Contruction Manager!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

It was so nice to have a three day weekend, but now it's back to the grind at work. I have a lot going on and our first golf tournament is next week. Eeek! I hope it doesn't look like it did on Saturday morning come next Thursday.

This is the view from my back porch, overlooking my neighbors' yard. WTF, Virginia?

Well the point of this post wasn't to complain about work or talk about the weather. So, what is the point? I'm so glad you asked.

About a week ago my neighbor from across the street knocked o
n my door to see if Edgar and I could take his picture with his two cousins who were in town for a visit. We gladly went outside and took their picture. Afterwards, when we were about to leave, my neighbor went inside and cut the homemade lasagna he had just made in half and gave half of it to us. The half he gave to us he left in the dish, which says to me, "I trust you to return it." I haven't yet, but I will. Let me tell you, the lasagna was soooo goooood.

When I moved to this neighborhood, I thought to myselfOh my gawd, I am surrounded by rednecks." The lasagna guy actually isn't a redneck as much as he just a blue collar kind of dude, but some of my other neighbors are definitely rednecks, straight up. The thing is, I have never experienced such random acts of kindness as I have from those who I initially judged and wrote off as "not as good as me." One time my next door neighbors (redneck father/son duo) mowed my lawn when we were too busy, er, um lazy, to do it ourselves. He (the son) did it just because he had a little extra time on his hands. I thanked him by baking cookies for him. At Christmas I brought the father redneck a poinsettia "just because" and he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and was so genuine when he said in his gruff I 've smoked like a chimney every day of my lifevoice, "Thank ya, honey. Thank ya so much." I could tell it truly meant a lot to him. I just hope at the end of the day that these folks know how much they truly mean to me and how they've taught me to go out of my way for others just a little bit more and to judge others just a little bit less.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Probably The Best Interview Ever

"Here are your questions. And well, since you're getting some questions - this does mean you have to post you know!" -Aimee

Here are my answers to the interview questions from Aimee. If you want me to ask you 5 questions, just let me know!

1) If you could choose a different career, with the same salary (or more!) than you have now, would you switch? What would you do instead?
If I decided to choose a different career I would probably do event planning/wedding planning instead. I do some event planning as part of my current job, but I would do it full time. I would love to help people plan their weddings, but I would be afraid of the bridezillas!

2) What do you do when you want to treat yourself?
When I want to treat myself I generally go shopping by myself. It's a chance to spend some quality time with myself, by myself, but also it's just fun! If I'm feeling broke and stressed over money, the mall stresses me more, so instead I might get a Starbucks Coffee and hang out at Barnes and Noble or something like that. Oh and going walking at the park is a treat too!

3) You are given a gift certificate (for $50 to $100), you can only buy one thing - what do you buy?
Right now I would buy a new end table for my living room. That or a really high end vibrator. I'm just kidding. I'd totally buy an end table.

4) What moments in your life would you consider to be character defining?
I don't know if I have actual moments, but I have experiences that have been character defining. The first would be going to high school at the private prep school I went to--I would say the fact that my parents took me out of public school and put me in a school with other students like me who wanted to learn and wanted to succeed was one of my top character defining experiences. Of all the things my parents have given me, that is by far one of the things that makes me feel truly blessed--I know that sounds ridiculously cheesy, but I know that I wouldn't be where I am or the person I am if it weren't for them. Also, studying abroad in Australia for a semester my junior year of college, going to the March for Women's Lives in Washington DC my senior year of college, and the past three years have also been very character defining for me.

5) We are hanging out and you lean over and say something to be that CRACKS ME UP. What did you say?
I think I said something about "pink spaghetti."

EDITED TO ADD: This will tell you all you need to know about "pink spaghetti"--what I like to call an Aimeeism.