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Monday, July 30, 2007

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

If you've never "shopped" for a wedding photograher, you may consider yourself officially forewarned. After a few weeks straight of researching and comparing photography styles, comparing prices and ruling out the way out of budget ones, I've been left with one or two options. One of those options was actually the first one I was serious about. I met her in person too. There is also a studio that I am going to call tomorrow to check on their prices. If their prices are good, they are in the running. If their prices are too high, I think I am going to go with my first option and call it a day. Then again, I have few alternative options that are in the running, but they are my third and fourth choices. I'm not exaggerating--literally hours and hours have been spent on this process. I'm ready to make a decision already. I even had a dream last night about wedding photographers that left me tossing and turning.

If you've never researched photographers' prices, I advise you to do so before you actually need one so that you don't faint from the sticker shock alone. I'm not looking for bells and whistles here folks. I'm looking for a decent photographer who will give me a CD with all of the pictures in the end. I'll figure out an album later. For the photographer's time and a CD, we're talking right around $1,900-$2,500. There are some for much more, but this is the range for the ones I've narrowed it down to. There are also a handful for less, but for me to spend that kind of money, they must be able to take better pictures than I can. I mean, seriously.

I read that the biggest wedding regret is not spending enough on a wedding photographer (or is this just the man talking?) I don't want to make that mistake, but there is also no way I am spending $3,000+ even if it is one of the most important days of my life. What do you guys think?

Like I said, you've been forewarned.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Holy guacamole my friends! If I were seriously about the walk down the aisle in that ruffled monstrosity(see previous post), I hope to goodness that you would stop me, smack me and for goodness sakes get me something else to wear!

Okay, so I don't really think the dress was that bad, and it has suprisingly grown on me (not enough to actually consider it), but let's face it--NO. It's just not me. I'm sure that dress would be perfect for someone out there and I know a few of you genuinely liked it...a lot (cough Chiada cough), but I really just tried it on for the fun of it. I just wanted to mess with you guys to see how you'd react. A couple of you might have been lying as to not hurt my feelings, one of you insulted it and then said just kidding (but I just know you hate the dress lol ), one of you avoided saying "I" and just said "Great dress," (LMAO), and one of you avoided dress talk altogether CHA CHA CHA. Call me a beyotch, but you all had me entertained for the entire day. Thanks!

I do hope that this little "trick" does not turn into a boy who cried wolf scenario. When I actually choose THE dress you all better love it and tell me I am the most beautiful bride to have ever walked this earth and no one could surpass or even match my beauty. And if you hate the dress and think I look ugly, you better have some pretty damn good lies ready.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

#1 and The One (?)

My #1 Bridesmaid (Sarah, of course) graciously went dress shopping with me on Saturday. She helped me in and out of all 15+ dresses I tried on. It was true friendship at its finest, folks. I seriously don't know what I would do without her.

A lot of the dresses were okay, a few were definite "nos" and a few I lied and said I liked just so the lady could write something down for me. I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt if I don't like anything, so I will lie and say I love something just so they have some hope that I will return.

However, after a lacy, beaded and jeweled pile of rejects there was finally a sparkly glimmer of hope:

I think it's the one. What do you think?

Perfect for my marital fiesta del amor cha cha cha
(My #1 captures all angles as I bust a move)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Conversation I Ran Into

A few nights ago I was out for a run with my beloved Bugs. I saw three boys hanging out in the street with their skateboards. I have trouble guessing ages, especially when it comes to boys, but I would say they were around 12 or 13. As I was approaching them I heard them say the word "dildo" (oooh the google searches...) and then they started snickering. I thought to myself, kids. They saw me coming and so they moved out of the way. As I passed by them one of them said, "He uses dildos," and laughter ensued. I tried not to laugh because I didn't want to encourage them and I didn't say anything back because I didn't want to be the predator who talks to young boys about dildos. I'm sure the victim of that comment was not too appreciative, but I'm just glad to know that playfully embarassing your friends never goes out of style.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting Dressed for the Rest of your Life

This summer is turning out to be busier than I expected. It has been busy off and on and work, I've been busy making appointments to taste cakes and meet with photographers for the wedding and I've been just all around busy on the weekends with birthday parties and parental visits. Needless to say, I am still just as pasty white as I was in the dead of winter. It's actually pretty disturbing. I tried to lay out in the sun today, but I was melting into a big pile of sweat, or perspiration, if you prefer. "Women don't sweat, they perspire," as my dad would say.

Mom and Dad came into town on Wednesday evening and I took Friday off of work so Mom and I could go shopping. For a wedding gown!!! Our dress shopping extravaganza lasted two days straight with very little sleeping in between. Maybe that is an overstatement, but it sure felt like all we did was go to shop after shop. In total we visited six shops--it would have been seven, but one was closed. I was left at the end of said extravaganza with three possibilities, but not sure if any of them are the one. I like them all in different ways.

Dress number one is not a real possibility as I completely broke the cardinal rule of wedding dress shopping--don't try on a dress you can't afford because you might fall in love with it (I did this even after a pep talk from my #1 bridesmaid, Sarah). The fact of the matter is, I'm not in love, per se, but I am in lust. The dress is almost $2,000--just over double my budget. The dress fits my body really well and it is really figure flattering. It has pearl beading on it that looks beautiful, but the thing is, I want it to sparkle just a little bit. So if I bought this dress, not only would I be broke, but I would also have to pay someone to sew on some clear or sparkly beading. Not to mention alterations. All of this would add up to pretty much triple my original budget. I should forget about this dress and just move on, right?

Dress number two is really pretty, but it has straps with beading on it that look just a little heavy for my frame. If I choose this dress, I would have to pay to get rid of the sleeves and have it turned into a strapless dress. That would cost money, but it still wouldn't cost as much as dress number one. After I returned home yesterday I was looking through my wedding binder (as every bride knows is completely essential to planning the big day) and I found a page of a magazine I ripped out with dress number two starred! I didn't even know. Maybe it's a sign.

Dress number three is totally cute, pretty and has an age appropriate look to it (as do the other ones). It is very "me," but I'm not sure that it is my favorite. If you are married, tell me, did you just know your dress was the one when you first tried it on, or did you take time and consider a few options? I keep waiting to try on the one dress that makes me totally giddy and gives me the feeling of "oh this is the one. I can't imagine walking down the aisle in anything other than this dress." sniff sniff But maybe it won't happen that way and I shouldn't let my high expectations get in the way of finding the perfect dress for me. Maybe it will be more of a slow sizzle. Maybe all of this is a metaphor for relationship with Edgar is not a series of highs and lows, but rather a slow sizzle and a growing love. Perhaps finding the dress of my dreams will be the same way.

With each dress I try on I try to imagine myself at the end of the aisle and seeing Edgar at the other end, his eyes lighting up. I know I could wear sweatpants and a t-shirt down the aisle and he would still think that I look beautiful, but helloooo that is so not happening. It's my wedding day. God willing, I'll only have one. I want to do it right, but I also want to be sensible about the cost. I know some people find the dress on the first try, but I've always been one to think it over. The best things in life involve some sort of production, right?? ;-)

For your viewing pleasure, here is a dress I tried on just to see how a halter style would look on me. This dress is not one of the ones I'm considering, but I thought I'd give you guys something to look at.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Edgar's Birthday Partaaay!

Edgar's birthday is on Monday so I decided to throw him a party. He will be 25. I threw him a "big kid" party (see below). Here is a photographic recap of the evening.

Fun kids stuff!

Sarah and Michael joined the fun (it was apparently very bright out last night, hence Michael's rockin' shades)

Lauren was very excited about the goody bags

Here is the World of Warcraft cake I specially ordered for Edgar. Now this is true love.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Edgar blowing out the candles. The flames of the candles were the same color as the candle itself. Check out your local Wal-Mart. They are pretty much the coolest candles ever.

Edgar opening his gift from Vidal, Jazmin (read: my SIL to be) and baby Joaquin

Adoringly watching Dad open his gifts.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!! While you people are out enjoying yourselves, having picnics, watching fireworks and the whole shebang, I will be at work. Woe is me. No, but really, it's my own fault. I actually chose to work today. I chose to work today because my mommy and daddy are visiting me next week and I'm taking off next Friday to go out with my mom and look at BRIDAL WEAR! It's not a bad trade off if you ask me.

Tomorrow I have to go on an overnight trip for work, but I'll be back Friday afternoon sometime. I feel like every night has been busy this week. Monday we went to Edgar's mom's house and last night we had to take the hairy, four-legged children to the vet. They both have itchy, red bellies (allergies) and they needed to get some medicine. Their annual visit was supposed to be in August, but we asked if they would give them their vaccinations, etc. last night so we wouldn't have to come back in a month and pay the $45 visit fee. It was nice to save $45, but what was not nice was that the bill came to over $500 (shoot me in the foot...both of them). Do you know what I could have bought with $500!!!!????!!!! Something other than pills, ear medication and special shampoo.

Are they worth it? With that price tag, I'm just not sure anymore... ;-)