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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Quickie

Well I've come down with a cold again. Didn't I just have one a month or two ago? I hadn't had a cold in almost 3 years and now I've gotten two in the past few months. WTF! Also, I haven't worked out in days (and I ate mucho crapola over the weekend) so of course I get sick and now I can't go running, making me feel even crappier. Anyway, I went home a little early from work, watched old episodes of Project Runway (heart!) and then took a nap. My sweet, loving fiance brought me home a Subway wrap because I just did not feel like cooking and neither did he. We need to get much better about coming up with meals for dinner. I feel like it is a constant struggle to come up with something good, healthy and interesting to eat. I suppose that is a post for another time. I also want to continue where I left off last post, but I'm tired and I must stay up to watch the premiere of House. Holy crap am I excited!

How about I give you, instead, an anecdote from this morning.

Edgar: Did you have any dreams last night?

Me: Yeah, I did, but I can't really remember them clearly.

Edgar: Well, when I came to bed last night you were already asleep so I held your hand hoping that you would dream about us holding hands.

Precious baby. It's little things like this that make me love you so much!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

On Excuses and Exercise

I can't believe it has been one whole week since I posted. I need to pull myself out of that nasty habit and post at a much greater frequency. I don't really have a good excuse other than I've been busy? I try not to post at work and I limit how much time I spend reading blogs at work too, so by the time I get home I am ready to hang out with Edgar, veg out by the TV or exercise--not sit at my computer after having done just that for most of the day. Speaking of exercise, I'm feeling kind of fit lately. Today, for instance, I walked 30 min. during my lunch break, ran for about 40 min. when I got home from work and then after dinner I went to the gym to lift weights for my arms. Perhaps today was more the exception than the norm, but I have been trying to run more often and lift more often. I'll be damned if my arms don't look at least a little bit toned on my wedding day. It's a tad bit embarrassing that I haven't done any lifting for my legs so if I end up looking like some disproportionate hulk, then the fault is my own. Did I mention how unmotivated I am to lift weights? I have been challenging myself to "lift arms" once a week. I've only missed one week in over a month. Maybe two months? It's also quite possible that I tried to figure out how many weeks until my wedding and if that would be enough to have nice looking arms. The counting made my head hurt, but I'm sure if I keep it up I'll look fine.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those brides who has thinks she has to lose a bunch of weight to look good on her wedding day. If I had to get married tomorrow, I'd be happy with how my body looked. I just would like to look slightly more toned, that's all. No starving or craziness for me (please ignore that I just told you I worked out three times today).

I was listening to the radio this morning and the DJs were talking about a recent article they read about women who are obsessed with losing weight and get down to around a size 0 and consequently lose their sex drive. I don't mean they completely lose it, but they have issues. The DJs asked people to call in if this is something that they can relate to. A lady called in to say that she was smaller than a size 0--she was a child's 14! She said that she rides a stationary bike 5-6 times a week for 2.5 hours each session. I'd actually have to use my brain and do the math, but she also stated that she rides the equivalent of 60 miles each time. WHAT?! She said it hasn't effected her sex drive at all. In all things TMI, she said that her husband says "You're going to kill me" in response to her above average libido. At this point, I could care less about if she gets her rocks off or not...SIZE 14!!! You could tell she thought that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her size or the amount of exercise she does.

They continued to take callers. A couple of men called in and were asked if they like a woman with a little meat on her bones or a size 0 woman. They all said they like a woman with a little "meat." One guy said he prefers women size 6 or above. Regardless of a woman's size, unless you are naturally very thin and naturally size 14 kids, which this woman obviously wasn't, you need help. Especially since she said she "ballooned" up to 140 pounds during her pregancy. WHAT? If I am only 140 pounds during my pregnancy, I will thank my lucky stars.

Come back for my next post (whenever that may be) because I might contradict myself sorta kinda.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

But this is my post...

Okay, here it is, the moment you've been waiting for...the big unveiling of my wedding website. I won't waste your time with any banter today. Just head on over to the site and check it out! Please note that once we have our engagement photos taken by my dear friend, Lauren, we'll have prettier pictures to display on the site.

Drum roll please...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Titty Talk Tuesday

I just returned this afternoon from a business trip. That sounds so official, but really I was putting on a golf tournament to raise funds for my organization. That's all I'm saying. The point is, I'm back in town and trying to catch up on blogs, because, clearly, this girl has priorities.

Over the weekend I decided I'd try to find undergarments for under (as the name would imply) my wedding dress. Did I tell you I got a dress? No? Well I am now. See, I'm not sure if I'll need a bustier or just a strapless bra. I started by checking out the bustiers at Victoria's Secret. They only had one option and I wasn't loving it (turns out they have an identical one at Target for a whopping price difference of $60!) The thing I wasn't loving about this particular bustier is that it was padded all down the front, leading me to be skeptical that it wouldn't actually add inches to my midsection. Perhaps I'm being irrational, but I don't want to look heavier than I am on my wedding day. The girl who was helping me at Victoria's Secret suggested I try out Nordstrom.

I headed over to Nordstrom and began perusing the intimates section. They only had one bustier and it went all the way to the hip and it had boning (hahaha boning, I'm 12). I enlisted the help of one of the lovely Nordstrom associates. She informed me that because I don't really need any tummy control (in her opinion) that a strapless bra might do just fine. She asked what size bra I wore and if I'd been measured before. I replied that I hadn't been measured, but that I was a 34B. Still, I wanted to be professionally measured just so I would know for sure. We went back into the dressing room for privacy. Written on her measuring tape was the statistic "8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra." I was determined not to be a statistic. I held my breath and crossed my fingers.

You are 32C/D.

WHAT?!! A "D?" Really? A "D?" This is good news, this is very good news.

I decided to try a strapless in both a C and D for good measure. The D definitely fit better and didn't cut in and give me four boobs (lovely associates words, not mine). While I believe I'm closer to a C-cup in actuality than a D-cup, it was pretty cool to fill out a D. She said it had, in part, to do with my small rib cage or something, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was wearing a D! It's just too bad 32 D is kind of a hard size to find. Oh well, I'll do just fine wearing a 34 and wearing it at the tightest hook. In the future though, I will be much more careful to make sure I am wearing the correct size. To my defense, my cheap-o comfy bra's from Target do run a bit big. My B really does fit fine.

I purchased the strapless bra and it was quite possibly the best $38 dollars I've ever spent. I'll have to see how the strapless works with my dress, because, as Sarah has informed me, some seamstresses will recommend the full bustier only because it makes the dress lay properly. If that's the case, I'll happily D(eal) with it. I needed a good strapless regardless.

The best part of this whole orDeal? Calling up eDgar and sharing my revelation. Now he can never tell me my boobs aren't big enough and I should get implants.* I've got proof.

* He says it jokingly. Don't get your panties in a knot.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Fashion Friday

Okay ladies (and men), it's time to talk fashion. Recently, the buzz has been that colored jeans are making a comeback. I'm not sure how I feel about this. My first instinct was hell no. Back in the late 80s-early 90s I definitely rocked the colored jeans. I believe I had a pair in hunter green, light teal and pastel yellow. I may have even had a purple pair. My friends wore them too. My friend Heather had them in wild colors like red and magenta. Some young ladies even tight rolled them. Stick a scrunchie in your hair and you were set!

Fast forward to 2007. Ummmm....I think bringing back elements of the 80s and even the 90s (because hello the 90s were so long ago) is acceptable in small doses, like a type of shoe or necklace, for example. Are colored jeans just crossing the line though? With the right color jeans, a neutral top and subtle accessories, do you think you could make it work? Are you even willing to try? If Sex and the City were still on, you know Carrie and Samantha would wear them.

Will this trend just come and go or will they be here to stay for a while? I didn't love gaucho pants when they first came out, but now I think they are god's gift to fashion and I'm praying the trend stays around a little bit longer.

Colored jeans--could I be convinced? Would you hang out with me if I were wearing purple jeans? Let me know what you think about this trend!

What do you think--hot or not?

A little too tight? A little too bright?

They look kind of cute on Ashlee...

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Bloggerific Sunday

My Sunday began early as I prepared to make my way to our Nation's Capitol City, accompanied by Sarah and Lauren. It was more like Lauren and I accompanied Sarah since, by default, she was the driver. Lauren's car is a Mini and mine is air conditionally challenged. Unfortunately, my sister was unable to come with us because she wasn't feeling well, but hopefully her new blog was not created in vain. Let's hope she makes it past the first post. I have faith in her.

Sarah, Lauren and I parked in Vienna and rode the metro in. We regretted not calling Erika to let her know that we were in Vienna as she was parked just a few cars away from us. Don't worry, it will never happen again. Seriously. You do not want to anger Erika. Lesson learned.

When we got to our metro stop we headed over to the restaurant Matchbox to meet up with everyone. I'm always a little anxious to meet people I feel like I know so well from blogging, but have never met in "real life." Will it be awkward? Will they like me? Will I like them? Erika was the first and only person I'd met from blogging and it was a really positive experience so I was hopeful.

Love: The first person we saw when we walked in the door was Janet. She was dressed all cute, rocking the white pants while she still could. It's funny, when you meet another blogger, it never really feels like the first time you've met them. Janet is totally cute and sweet, just like on her blog! In person though, she is more city girl chic than I thought she would be (I don't mean that in a good or bad way--just an observation). I like her a lot and hope to have many more opportunities to spend time with her.

We went to our table to wait for the others. Erika was next to show up. Seeing Erika for the second time ever was like seeing a best friend you've known forever--you can always just pick back up where you left off and it's never awkward. I can't believe I haven't known her my whole life.

The next to arrive was Isabel, with The King and Babboo in tow. Let me tell you, she has one cute baby. Seriously, he oozes adorable. If you think Isabel is awesome on her blog, then you will love her even more in person. She is fun, easy to talk to and spunky. And she is even more gorgeous in person.

Jennifer and her boyfriend were the last to show up. I haven't read her blog so I didn't know much about her, but I plan to read it in the future. She seemed really nice, but we were at opposite ends of the table so I didn't get a chance to talk to her very much.

So, you are probably all like, "Shut up, Lindsey. Show us the damn pictures." Jeez. Simmer down already. Here you go.

We all had something other than blogging in common.
Can you match the foot to the blogger?

Janet uses Isabel to reenact the Larry Craig situation so that we would all understand exactly how it all went down. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your vast knowledge with us. ;-)

The infamous under-the-stall reach
Me, Janet, Sarah

All of us!

Shortly after lunch we went our separate ways for the most part--Erika, Sarah, Lauren and I walked down past the Washington Monument, past the WW2 Memorial and all the way up the marble steps to see the Lincoln Memorial. I learned that, no, you cannot sit in his lap and, yes, it is actually Lincoln not just "the dude in the chair." The nation's backyard (as Erika instilled in our minds) is really just one big learning lab!

Oh, and the Reflecting Pool actually reflects something significant. Who knew?

After the fabulous sight seeing we went over to Erika's house to meet her baby, Evan, and husband, Jonathan. Evan is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and sweet and silly and smart. I am in love! Their two dogs, Diesel and Scrappy are so cute too. Diesel and I are very fond of each other and it is entirely possible we made out.

After all of the fun with Sara and the awesome day with my now real-life blogger friends, I am wiped out! I took Sara to the airport this morning, picked up breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and later, treated myself to an afternoon nap. Come tomorrow it's back to the grind. Thanks for the amazing weekend, ladies.