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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October: a great month or the greatest month?

I'm debating whether or not to sign up for NaBloPoMo. On one hand, I'm struggling to post more than once a week as it is. On the other hand, maybe it would be just the motivation I need. Luckily, I have a few days left to decide. Since I posted on the morning of my 26th birthday, many fun and exciting things have happened. The evening of my birthday was fun because Edgar baked me a cake and gave me a gift--a new digital camera! My old camera was becoming less and less reliable. I also received my first wedding registry gift for my birthday. I cannot even describe how exciting that was. Then, on Friday, Sarah and Lauren threw me a girly birthday sleepover for three (with booze). Sadly, no one even got drunk. I've become pathetic in my old age. However, we contacted some awesome spirits using a Ouija board! One of the "spirits" had some interesting things to say about Lauren. It wasn't true though. She is completely into men. I promise.

I thought the night couldn't get any better, but then they gave me this new bag to welcome to my growing family of Vera Bradley bags. Heart.

My 26th birthday was definitely a good one and I consumed a lot of baked goods including, but not limited to, cake.

It didn't take long to recover from my non-hangover, so I wasn't worried about looking crappy for my engagement photo shoot on Sunday. The very talented, non-lesbian (but I'd still love her if she was) Lauren took our photos at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond. Once I was able to relax it turned out to be a pretty good time. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out. I'm in suspense. Don't keep me in suspense Lauren. That was me being bossy. I'm done now.

In other news, my parents are currently in a town about an hour and fifteen away from me, but I'm not going to see them until Friday morning. They are checking out said town as a retirement option and then making their way to Richmond to attend my Halloween/Costume/Engagement party, of joy. Edgar and I plan to dress up as a very dead bride and groom. This is the costume I bought. Your welcome for all of the visuals today.
I can't wait to see everyone else's costumes. If you don't wear a costume I will turn into dead bridezilla, which surely must be worse than a living bridezilla.

Breaking News: As I am writing this Lauren the psychic just e-mailed me an outtake from the photo shoot. Shall I share it with you? Sure, why not. I don't think Lauren the psychic would mind.

What the hell am I doing? Write the best caption and you will win your very own Save the Date magnet for my wedding. Your invitation will not follow, but you will have the best looking refrigerator accessory in town. It is a very appealing prize, I know.


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger janet said…

    "Edgar, if you don't stop imitating Whitney Houston singing 'I Will Always Love You,' I am going to eat your brains for dinner!

    Off topic: there was a slumber party and I wasn't invited?!?!? Okay, I'll forgive you this one time :)

  • At 3:53 AM, Anonymous alyndabear said…

    What perfect Halloween costumes! Must see pictures when all is said and done. Glad you had a lovely birthday. xo

    "Pah, those Bridezillas have nothing on me!"

  • At 6:22 AM, Blogger Sara said…

    Haha, cute photo!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday! Yay for new digital cameras, what kind did you get? What kind of cake did you eat? Sounds like you had a good time.

    I wonder if your parents are up near us in NoVA? ;)

    Have fun this weekend!

  • At 7:20 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    I am still so ashamed that we didn't get drunk. I guess it's because the Ouija board recommendations said to "Play Sober." We are just too committed to following rules. Or maybe it's because both you and Lauren are 26 and your old asses are dragging my young, fun ass down! 25! Represent!

  • At 8:18 AM, Blogger Erika said…

    I don't have a caption, but Evan would like you to know that is the sign for "ball".

  • At 10:12 AM, Blogger L Sass said…

    That is my favorite new Vera print!!! You and I have very similar taste, girl!

    The caption is,
    "No, seriously Edgar, Kendra's boobs are this big!"

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger Sue said…

    I have no caption right at the moment. I'm so not good at that sort of thing. I'll think about it and get back with you.

    Now, I love the Halloween/engagement party.

    Did I tell you about my warped Halloween wedding fantasy? To throw a costume party and when all the guests arrive they find out...oops! It's a wedding? It's not originally my idea, I stole it off of Manny Legace (former Red Wings goalie) and his wife. But it's such a superb idea!

  • At 1:43 PM, Anonymous audrey said…

    "I'm a D-cup, Edgar! Do you know how big that is? It's THIS big!"


    "Audrey promised me a handful of Stanley Nickels. A HANDFUL! Can you believe my luck?!"

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger *~*Cece*~* said…

    I've got a few, take your pick:

    "...and I'm suppose to push something the size of this out of something the size of that? Are you fucken crazy???"


    "If you ever talk back to me, once we're married of course, I'll grab you by the ears and twist them right off your head!"


    "I really want to blog all day but then I get all AAAHHRHRRRRRGGGG and forget what I'm going to say so I say fuck it and not post shit after all."


    "...and if your SIL pisses me off at the party I'm going to grab her by the neck, like this..."

  • At 3:08 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    I have no caption but I need to say that...

    I need to see the real pictures... bc that one is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger Isabel said…

    OKay, awesome post. I'm sure you can come up with equally awesome posts for the entire month of November.

  • At 4:55 PM, Anonymous cady said…

    i love the bag! i love vera bradley.

  • At 5:03 PM, Blogger Sara said…

    i'll be honest and say i didnt even read your post but i have to say that that picture is amazing. i see a bit of myself in your crazed eyes. see you tonight sisterfriend!

  • At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Jenny said…

    Love the pictures!

    And I desperately want that costume.


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