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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ho Ho Ho-bag

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? I haven't even started any of my shopping. In fact, I can barely believe that Thanksgiving is next week. This year feels like it's flying by at a more accelerated speed than usual. In an attempt to organize my Christmas shopping, I am attempting to compile a list (I heart lists 4eva!) of what I'd like to get for each person I plan to give a gift to this holiday season. The problem is, I am also trying to set a Christmas budget as things are looking a bit tight this year what with my upcoming doctor appointment, my poodle's eye doctor appointment (yes, she sees an animal eye specialist), her need for an updated rabies vaccination and most likely a steroid shot to help with her seasonal skin allergies, my need for a hair-cut and then all of the regular expenses OH! and then there is that wedding I'm helping to fund. I'll also need to buy a plane ticket to head back home to Central New York for the holidays. And how many pay checks will I get between now and then? Two? Three maybe? Definitely not enough. It'll all work out somehow--it always does, but I digress.

What I was intending to tell you is that I'm trying to research what is in the stores to get an idea of what I might like to buy before I actually attempt to tackle the malls. Inevitably, I always end up wandering around aimlessly searching for that perfect gift. I'm at least trying to cut down on the aimless hours. I'm hoping the pre-shopping shopping will help.

So I want to know: 1. What are your holiday shopping tactics? 2. What are some great gift ideas that I should look into for the people on my list?


  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger Sara said…

    I shop before Thanksgiving. This year is an exception. I'm usually done by now!

    Gift cards for bookstores, fun gadgets you can buy at Think Geek, little things at Toys R US and kitchen stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond are all on my list.

    I've searched in Linens N Things and I've gotten some neat things in the past for people on my list.

    I rarely go to the mall, no matter what time of the year.

  • At 9:10 AM, Blogger Carrie said…

    Luckily I only have 4 or 5 people I buy for because I am a scrooge. I like to give gift certificates for massages and then the kids get savings bonds. What can I say, I am boring.

  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger janet said…

    I try to avoid the mall at all costs and buy online or in little indie shops. I love etsy for the ladies in my life, and amazon and ebay for lots of other things. Since I fly home I try to get all the presents for my family shipped there first. Less hauling stuff!

    And I always check for coupon codes!

  • At 3:35 PM, Blogger Angela said…

    I'd like an iPhone please. Thanks.

  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Sarah said…

    Everyone needs one of those digital picture frame things. Including me. ;)

  • At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Erin said…

    This year we are getting the parents one of those digital picture frames and adding pics of all of us kids to it.

    And my shopping tactic is to wait for Employee Appreciation Days at my husbands bookstore so that I can purchase all my gifts for 40% off....but that doesn't help you much!

  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Sue said…

    I love to give "experiences" as gifts. You know, tickets to concerts, sporting events, activities that the recipient would love.

    Over the years Paul has gotten: Metallica tickets, Rush tickets, Red Wings vs. Chicago tickets and one of those Petty Ride-alongs.

    I've done the same with my parents when possible...thankfully the local casino does country concerts.

  • At 2:38 PM, Blogger L Sass said…

    I keep lists of things to buy my main gift recipients in my palm pilot throughout the year! It makes it much easier. I'm a little stuck this year because my parents and sister will all be in Africa together over Christmas. So, other than AS and his family, there's no big drama to shopping!

  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger Aimee said…

    You know, I was thinking about this today. I think I may shop online and avoid the crowds. Except the crowd on Friday morning because that is AWESOME fun, what with all the cranky people and people trying to cut in line to make sure they are one of the first 100 so they get the $10 coupon or whatever, and everyone else is like, "oh no, you aren't cutting in line" and starts yelling at the cutter. And yeah, I can't miss out on that kind of cheer.

    This year, everyone is getting the gift of experience. I'm getting my dad a gift certificate to drive a race car...and Mark some other type of lesson/experience...and yeah, those are the only ones I know of. :)

  • At 11:10 PM, Blogger Julie said…

    I do a lot of shopping online.
    Seriously it is sometimes worth the 5 dollars just to not have to wait in those lines.

    Although there aren't that many people that I buy for, so it depends.

  • At 9:01 PM, Anonymous audrey said…

    I make a list of what I want, then I go buy it in as little time as possible. I hate shopping when it's all crowded.

    As for gift ideas, I try to just pay attention to things people area talking about. Like this year my brother's wife was complaining that they don't have any trivets. And also going on and on and on about how she loved penguin-themed decorations this year. So I got on amazon and bought her a trivet with a penguin on it. Also, Tim, coming from a family of republicans, found the perfect gift for his dad -- a Hilary clinton nutcracker. It's hilarious. You put the nut between her thighs and squeeze. I can't stop laughing at it.


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