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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Quickie (post that is)

I'm at home in Central New York now with my mom, dad and sister. What a wonderful day we're having opening gifts, eating the traditional Christmas breakfast, waiting for the traditional dinner, sharing laughs and enjoying each others' company. Of course, I wish Edgar were here with me, but we were able to have a mini-Christmas celebration together before I left to come home. I keep thinking how next year at this time I will be a wife to someone. In a few years, I could be a mom to someone. Each year Edgar and I have been creating more and more holiday traditions together and I can't wait to one day share traditions with a family of our own. In the meantime I am in no hurry--I am just delighting in the fact that I can still come home and relax and be a kid again. Yeah, I'm okay with that.

I hope you and your loved ones are having a Merry Christmas!

I'll be sharing "home" pictures with you later in the week! Get excited!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

SBS, please come forward and tell me who you are!

I must say, I think I have the best Secret Blogger Santa EVER! Yesterday I was home sick, feeling like pure crap (fever/chills/sore throat and all) when my day was brightened by the UPS man, who showed up at my door with a package for yours truly. It was from none other than my very own SBS. Are you excited to see what I got?

I about peed my pants with the joy that only comes from seeing a box that looks like this.

EEEEEE!!!!! Vera Bradley stationary!!!! I've always wanted VB stationary because much like putting a Starbucks in Target, it is a marriage of two things I love dearly (I don't even know that I've ever mentioned my love of stationary so way to go, SBS!) Throw in the fact that it is pink (!!!) and purchasing this particular style also supports breast cancer research and you've got the recipe for The Miracle of Christmas right there.

I would have posted a picture of myself thoroughly enjoying my awesome gift, but I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and was diagnosed with Strep Throat, more commonly known as "SARS." I was advised not to go to work today because of how highly contagious I am. As my gift to the world, I stayed inside and away from humanity today. I fear you might catch it just by looking at a picture of me, but believe me, my sex appeal is out of control. I don't know how Edgar is managing to keep his hands off me.

Luckily, I should be back to my non-contagious self by tomorrow and feeling much better just in time for Saturday's anxiety attack over my plane ride home. I'm doing everything in my power not to freak out, but these antibiotics are kind of putting a cramp in my plans to get wasted as a trial "self-medicating" technique. So I'm actually going to have to attempt to be a sane human being who doesn't let irrational fears take over. Surprisingly, I'm feeling a bit calmer than usual so that's a good sign.

Tomorrow night Edgar and I are celebrating Christmas together since we'll be apart on the actual holiday. The tree looks so pretty and we bought the perfect tree skirt last weekend. I put the gifts under the tree today. I can't wait for tomorrow night! In honor of our little family's early Christmas celebration I give you a picture of my pretty little reindeer daughter, Zoey.

Edited to add: Okay, so I pretty much don't have any idea who my SBS might be...last week I thought it was someone who I later found out wasn't even doing SBS. HA! Then I thought it might be Janet and about 5 minutes ago I thought, maybe it's Laurel. I am so off, aren't I?

Edited yet again to add: It was Laurel!!!! My random instincts were correct! Thank you Laurel-you are the best!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Biggest Shock Ever!

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

I am speechless really.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

The post in which I talk about my sister

On a side note, I love my Secret Blogger Santa! She rocks! Thanks Laurel and RA for being lovely santas and setting up this awesome exchange.


My sister Sara, who had a blog for about a week, moved to NYC back in October. To pay the bills she had been working at Banana Republic until she could find a job that would allow her to utilize that college degree which she obtained back in the April. She had interviewed at a handful of companies, one of which was accompanied by a Paula "I'm crazy and most likely on drugs right now" Abdul sighting. Finally, last week she got offered a job at a company that, I believe, does media coverage of some of The City's events. She accepted the offer and this past Monday she began her tenure as an unmarried woman trying to make it big in The Big City. Her office window boasts none other than a view of the Empire State Building. My office window boasts an alternate view of the retirement community.

The girl's got balls so to speak. She has gone from being my immature kid sister to being a strong woman whom I admire quite a bit. I've never denied that she is the cooler sister. She is a high energy, driven gal with a penchant for partying. She's a risk taker and a lover of life. Her strong drive, which can occasionally be mistaken for selfishness, sometimes masks her innate thoughtfulness. Generally speaking, she possesses a lot of qualities that I do not. The thing I've had to adjust to as a big sister is the fact that she is not the kid sister I could once boss around. I can't tell her what to say and do and expect that she will listen. She's not the pre-teen trying to hang out with my friends and me. She's not the high schooler getting in trouble for talking in class. She's not the college student slicing her hand open on a beer bottle (okay, maybe I'm being rash, that was only less than a year ago).
She is not a mini-me and nor would I want her to be. She is a young woman beginning a career and facing the "real world" head on. Arguably, we still remain in slightly different phases in life; she just got her first job and moved in for the first time with a boyfriend, while I've been employed for three plus years and am about to get married. But even though we are very different people, the figurative distance between us has somehow shortened. She is a cool chick and someone I like having as a friend. I don't even mind arguing with her sometimes because it's not the same type of arguing we did as kids--now there doesn't have to be a "right" or "wrong."

The hardest thing I've had to learn is to just shut up and listen and not try to give her advice because it only pushes her away. Now I know how my parents must feel. Irony, you bastard.

Sometimes I feel like Sara's third parent, even though I am quite positive she doesn't see it that way. The thing is, when she moved to NYC I was proud of her, of course, but more than that I felt, and still feel, an overwhelming desire to protect her. I want to protect her from the adjustments (to put it softly) of living with a boyfriend for the first time. I want to protect her from the bad things and people in this world. I want to warn her about stupid office politics and shield her from the bullshit. I want to protect her from hurt.

But then maybe she is more prepared than I think she is. Maybe she is more prepared than I ever was. I suppose I just have to trust that she is a smart girl. A smart girl who will be just fine.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas, spiders and Amy Winehouse

That was a needed and well deserved week off from blogging if I do say so myself. I'm going to try to keep up with it as much as I can during this busy holiday season. I cannot believe there are only two more work weeks until I leave for Upstate/Central New York. I'm going home to see my family for a week, which I am so excited for! Unfortunately, Edgar has to work that week so he'll be staying behind to spend Christmas with his family here, but like last year, he and I do our own mini-Christmas together before I leave. Last year I prepared an entire holiday meal for us, roast beef and all. So those are my, onto what I really wanted to tell you about.

A few nights ago I came home from the gym and immediately saw a large brown spider on the floor in my dining room. The dogs were all excited to see me and wiggling their backsides and following me around. Well, when I saw the spider I immediately yelled "OH MY GOD, EDGAR! IT'S A BROWN RECLUSE!" My yelling made the dogs more excited and Zoey (my poodle) started jumping around near the spider. I then yelled "ZOEY!" she kind of didn't know what to do so she sat. Right. on. the spider. I got her to stand back up and get away with it while Edgar went and killed the spider for me. I started going on and on about how dangerous brown recluse spiders are. See recluse spider wound, not for the faint.

Edgar told me that it probably wasn't a brown recluse, but I saw it with my own eyes and it was big and brown. I went to visit my trusty friend Google and looked up the brown recluse so I could properly identify the broken remains that were floating in my toilet.

As it turns out, I may (or may not) have improperly identified the spider. It was most likely just a harmless wolf spider. Regardless, I still don't like spiders in my house. Just don't put me in an airport with some guys wearing turbans, for cripes sake.

On another note, something I find equally if not more repulsive than a brown recluse bite wound? Amy Winehouse. I'm not even kidding when I say that looking at her makes me feel slightly nauseous. She must have talent because I heard she got, like, six grammy nominations. I guess I just don't see it...