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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shopping would be the motif here

Not too long ago Carrie asked me where I was registered just in case someone wants to get me a wedding gift. I figured it was about time I get back to her on that. Most likely she just wants to laugh at the things I want. However, Miss Carrie, there is no electric can opener on my list for you to make fun of so you'll have to find something else. I already have an electric can opener thank you very much. But don't worry, I have a manual one too, you know, in case the power goes out.

I am not one to advise holding back when it comes to shopping, especially if the shopping is being done for yours truly. So have at it, folks.

If you know my last name, you're good to go.

Crate and Barrel

It would be really fun and cool if you told me what I have left off that I really should include! Remember, Edgar and I have been living together for a few years so we do have some of the essentials that many newlyweds may not have.

On another note, my parents are in town this weekend! My mom found the best MOB dress today that she is going to get or else. Talk about "Indecision 2008. " I guess I know where I get it from.

We also looked for lingerie for my wedding night...something white and pure, just like me. I looked at Victoria's Secret, but I didn't find anything good. I love their panties, but does anyone else think the quality of their lingerie has gone downhill over the past few years? They used to be classier and even the material used to be better quality. Oh well. I also looked at Dillard's--a dept. store--and I found a really pretty white, sparkly number, but it wasn't very...ahem...supportive. Do you guys know of any good websites or stores that sell lingerie? For the wedding night and the honeymoon I'm looking for stuff that is sexy/cute, but just not too cheesy.

And did I mention I got two bras, each on sale for $9.99 today? What a steal!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How do you feel about giving up "marital relations" a few months before the wedding? Born again virgin or just plain dumb? You decide.

First of all, I am in shock. So very sad.

Now onto your regularly scheduled program.

Not regular enough because I realized today that I haven't posted in a week. Blame the wedding.

It is hard for me to believe that in just over 4 months, this wedding is actually going to happen. I've been plugging away at my wedding to-do list and trying to get things checked off. I have my own personal list that is messy and has scribbles all over, and then I have my electronic checklist thanks to the blessing that is The Knot. Oh thank goodness for that little website and its fabulous organizational skillz.

Just today I was able to mark off "order wedding bands." I also made a trial run hair/make-up appointment with the salon that robbed me. I also made an appointment to get my hair cut and colored on February 2. I am trying a less expensive stylist. Apparently the one I chose the first time is a master stylist. Hopefully I'll like this new person because she only charges $35 for a cut. Too bad I'll be spending the big bucks (read: $100+) to have a full head of highlights put in. Normally, I am a DIY hair colorist, but with the wedding coming up I want to have it professionally dyed a few times before the big day. You know, to perfect the color. I figure Audrey and Co.'s Get Active Get Awesome, or GAGA, is taking the place of a personal trainer so I'm actually SAVING money. Right?

I am not one to share my to-do list with the world on a regular basis, but since you are just dying to know what I still have left to do, I'm going to tell you. Your welcome.

Order invitations
Buy/make favors
Book honeymoon
Get flower girl basket and other ceremony things (unity candle, etc.)
Buy champagne flutes for Edgar and me
Get bubbles for after ceremony
Sparklers for after reception
Design/choose a program cover
Book hotel for wedding night/block off rooms at hotels for out of town guests (waiting to hear Back from Marriott Account Exec.)
Touch base with Church's "flower chair" (left msg)
Make final decision on tuxes and get measurements of all the men
Choose bridesmaid shoes (any websites you would recommend would be a huge help!)
Choose bridesmaid jewelry
Gifts for people
Ask another person to read in my wedding. I already asked my aunt and she said yes! Also, my uncle, he will be bag piping!
Meet with the DJ
Book rehearsal dinner
Call the woman who is supposed to be doing bead work on my dress and yell at her for not calling me three weeks ago when she said she would. Also, she was supposed to do the beading in DECEMBER
Try not to kill bead work/dress lady before the BIG DAY
Get the indecisive MILF of the Bride, or MOB, to decide on a dress (possibly a topic of conversation for another day)
Okay, there are certainly a million more things I need to do before June 7, but these are the ones on the forefront of my mind.

Stop ranting about everything I need to do on this blog might make the list at some point. But not yet.

Recent things I've done:
Well two weekends ago I met with the caterer of the country club where our reception is, last weekend I met with the florist. This weekend I'm meeting with the cake lady. The weekend after I am getting my hair done (only semi-wedding related) and the weekend after that I am meeting with the Church's organist. So, if you want to see me between now and June 7, I really will have to pencil you in.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is the problem, officer?

Here she is in all her glory--Silver Beauty. My new 2006 Jetta. By using the brilliance that is Craig's List, I was able to sell my Jeep Grand Cherokee in just under a week. I got the price I wanted too. So, what do you think? It was a rainy day when I took the picture, but it will have to do for now.

In other vehicle related news, today I had to go to Newport News (approx. 2 hours away) for a meeting at one of our other retirement communities. On my way back to Richmond I was chatting with Edgar on my cell phone, cruising along on I-64, minding my own business, when out from one of those small roads between the east bound and west bound lanes (cop hide-outs) came...well...a cop. With her lights on. I quickly put my phone in my lap so she wouldn't see me talking on my cell. Even though it's not illegal in Virginia, whenever I see a cop my natural New York instinct kicks in. I quickly looked at the speedometer and saw that I was only doing about 65-70 in a 65 mph area. The cop was behind me, but in the next lane over. I started to pull over, but she drove past so I thought, "Okay, no big deal." Then the cop drove toward the white truck and SUV, both of which had zoomed by me just before the cop came out from hiding. Everyone had slowed down and the cop was attempting to do a two person pull-over. At this point I was approaching them. The truck and SUV were successfully pulled over. As I am passing the cop I see her look at me and motion for me to pull over. So I pull over. I'm far enough ahead of the other vehicles that were pulled over, but not too far. I watched her approach both of them and speak to them. First she interacts with the driver of the SUV and then lets him go, but I couldn't tell if a ticket was issued. After the cop had driven past me I had hung up with Edgar, so at the point when she was pulling me over I was not on the phone. As I'm parked on the side of the road praying that the large trucks zooming by don't come crashing into me and ending it all, I call Edgar and tell him that I was pulled over. But seriously, I had NO CLUE why. I didn't think she saw my phone and I wasn't speeding. I took out my license and registration and waited. I wasn't freaking out because I really didn't think I did anything wrong. I was just perplexed.

About five minutes pass and she comes over to my car. I roll down the window.

"Is everything okay?" she asks.

Is everything okay??? You tell me. You pulled me over.
"Ummm...was I speeding? You pulled me over"

"No, I didn't pull you over."

"When I drove by I saw you motion me to pull over." (I do pointing hand motion to explain exactly how it looked to me)

"No, I was motioning to the other guy."

"Because I didn't think I was speeding. Or doing anything wrong." Except for talking on my cell phone, which should be illegal, but isn't and could you do something about that?

Yes, I pulled myself over. Must call Edgar. Must tell Mom. Must not tell co-worker notorious for making blonde jokes.

The cop and I both laugh and smile (I think she wanted me, personally) and I am grateful I didn't get smooshed by an 18-wheeler because how tragic would that have been? Tragic, I tell you.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Five Month Freak Out

I think for my wedding I'm going to have a cake that looks like this. What do you guys think?

I know I promised to take a picture of my car, but it's dark out so I will try to do it later in the week. Currently, I am also trying to sell my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Anyone want to buy a car? I've posted on craigslist so hopefully I sell it soon. I thought someone was going to end up buying it yesterday, but after wasting the majority of my day, he left and never came back. I talked to him on the phone and he said he was still trying to get the money that his brother owed him so he could buy the car. Turns out, his brother was one of the guys calling me throughout the day trying to buy the car out from under the brother. Either that or they are both lying. It was like the Jerry Springer of trying to sell one's car. I am not going to deal with those guys anymore. I have a guy coming out to see the car tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me.

In other news, work is still pretty blah and the rest of my life is just one big wedding and non-wedding to-do list. Fun fact: I will be a wife in 5 months from RIGHT NOW. I have so much yet to do. I've booked my major vendors, but now it's setting up food tasting appointments (fun!), booking a limo, figuring out hotel stuff, choosing favors, flowers and how I want the tables to look at the reception. Oh and then there is the DJ and choosing shoes for me and my bridesmaids, making a final decision on the tuxes, getting the guys to send in their measurements and the list goes on. Details, people. Lots of details. So I've been trying to get back into the routine of working out in the mornings so I have my evenings free to research wedding stuff and get things done around the house so that it doesn't crumble around me. Did I mention we still have to purchase wedding bands and decide on a honeymoon locale? Oh and I need to find someone to do my make-up and hair for the big day. There are things I'm forgetting I'm sure. Like ordering invites and designing programs and deciding on a rehearsal dinner location. Yeah. Did I mention I only have five months? I did. Good. Now watch me attempt to stay sane.

Yeah, it's so not gonna happen.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 whether you like it or not

Happy 2008 ya'll! I am back from C(entral)NY and not really excited at all to return to work tomorrow. Go figure. I got back to Richmond Sunday night thanks to my Dad who drove the 9 hours to bring me back home in my brand new car (said in a game-show voice, please) just to go straight to the airport and fly right back home. I hate driving that far by myself so my Daddy really came through for me. He is a good Daddy. I'll show you pictures of my car later this week. First thing's first.

Another year gone and it's time once again to make resolutions. I'm sure I mentioned last year that I am not big on making resolutions because I think that improving yourself is an ongoing process and at the new year, while I like to reflect and loosely set a few goals, I don't like to have the "my diet starts tomorrow" attitude while I shove that "last" donut into my mouth just to turn around the next day and say "no really, tomorrow." Hmmm, ironically I did have a donut today. Even more ironic, I did say that starting tomorrow I am going to get out of this holiday food funk and eat healthier. Maybe this year I'll be less of a hypocrite. Yeah, that's what I'll do. But really, I do prefer to take small steps each day/week/month toward self-improvement. Like losing weight, you have to set small attainable goals or else you will fail. The bigger picture is often overrated and over-analyzed.

Some of the highlights of 2007 in no particular order:

-I started recycling late in the year after a three year break and, dude, you would not believe how much I was throwing away. I am getting kind of anal about it now. Today, instead of throwing away a small paper bag at Dunkin Donuts, I carried it around in my purse so I could put it in my recyclables when I got home. It feels good.

-Was proposed to. Said yes. By the way I'd like to note that my wedding is in 5 months! Hold me. You will be hearing much more about this in the days and weeks to come. I'm starting to freak out a little over how much I have left to do.

-Got to know a few of you guys know who you are.

-Worked out on average 3-5 times per week for almost every single week of the year. It's all about the lifestyle, baby!

-My baby sis graduated from college!

-Wedding gown shopping with Mom and sissy.

-Hanging out with my Richmond friends and family...and hanging out with my lovely Manassas friend.

-Went to Ikea for the first time ever.

-Read at least one or two books.

-Started going to church slightly more than usual, which means I went maybe 5 times.

-Got a promotion.

-Engagement party.

-Girly birthday sleepover.

-Williamsburg with Edgar.

-Visits from Mom and Dad.

-Probably a lot of things that I am forgetting...

In the first half of 2008, I'd really just like to keep my head above water when it comes to my hectic job o' misery and all of the wedding planning, stay healthy, sleep more...pretty much just try to avoid going crazy. On a side note, I bought an new planner today (HEART!) and I can't wait to start filling things in.

This post is all over the place and I apologize, but it is a good representation of my state of mind right now. I'm going to stop now and show you a few pictures from my week at home. Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day (presents!)


I got candles, hand sanitizer and lotion. Hmm

Sisterly love

Mom cooking

Goats I love outside of a store I love

Thinking of Audrey on the drive down to VA