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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bridal Parties

Part I: The Bridal Shower

The sexy hostesses
On Saturday, May 3, I was thrown the best bridal shower and bachelorette party imaginable. Sarah and Lauren were the lovely hosts of the afternoon bridal shower and my sister, Sara, was in charge of the late-night debauchery. At the bridal shower we ate yummy food...

Note the (very appropriate) pink and green theme! Mmm I want a cupcake.

After the delicious lunch we played party games. The first game was a series of questions about Edgar that I had to answer. Edgar had given Sarah and Lauren his answers beforehand. Sneaky, sneaky! Before the questions were asked everyone guessed how many out of 16 I would get right. The questions and answers were adorable because they were "Edgar answers" which involved thinking like Edgar, which can be kind of random, let's face it. Some of the answers Edgar gave were super sweet though. When asked what he liked most about me, his response was "the way she treats people, me and the dogs." One word to describe me..."beautiful." This game was probably my favorite part of the shower because not only did I already feel loved by everyone in the room (my mom, my sister, Edgar's mom, my friends...), but getting to hear Edgar's sweet answers made it extra special. For the record, I got 11/16 correct, which considering some of the answers was pretty damn good.

The other game we played was the one where you have to guess the spice just by smelling it. This game is hilarious because I don't have a very strong sense of smell overall so the spice will be curry and I will guess cinnamon, etc. etc. That, coupled with the fact that I don't use a lot of spices when I cook (and will be a horrible wife) makes it a really fun game because I just start naming random spices. Like, Scary Spice. Har Har Har

So, to recap, the bridal shower was awesome and I heart Lauren and Sarah! Oh, and I got some wonderful gifts--thanks girls!

Part II: And now let the debauchery begin!
A Photo Essay

At my house for wine and dessert before we left to make love in the club
Me and Sara eating our sweets
At the club-it wasn't hitting me yet

and then it hit me
Then, Sara and I danced in a cage. There are pictures to prove it. I just have to find them. I think they are linked on my facebook page for those of you who are my "friend." Other highlights include me talking about "fucking up" some redneck bride who wanted to borrow my tiara (I was joking, of course), asking men if they sleep in the nude and other dares I had to complete and making a girl I met that night dance in the cage with me.

I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Good times. Good times.

Monday, May 05, 2008

You were just too busy being fabulous

I've had many, many, many requests (a solid 4, at least) to return to the world o' blogging. I've just been so distracted and I wasn't feeling it. If I haven't been to your blog in awhile please don't take it personally. I still love you. I do. I have been thinking about you guys a lot. I have a feeling that when I spiral into my deep, dark post-wedding depression that I'll be around quite a bit. For realz. Anyway...


I can't say it all in one post so I am going to try to give you lots of the highlights throughout the next week or so. Most of them revolve around my wedding, which let's be honest, is all you wanted to hear about anyway. Right? Today's topic: photography.

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from my wedding photographer, Paige. The wedding package I selected does not include an engagement photo session. She contacted me to see if Edgar and I might like to do a session anyway so she could get to know us a little bit better before the wedding. We had such a fun day! Paige is an awesome photographer and overall just a really fun person to be around. I'm going to totally pimp her out, if you live in the greater Richmond area and are looking for a photographer you should totally give her a call. Dudes, she even has a blog.

If you want to see the entire gallery from our photo shoot you can go to Online Viewing. Choose Edgar and Lindsey from the drop down menu. Our password is june07

I have nothing more to say today. Just go look at pictures of me. Yes, I'm really that vain.