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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In lieu of a real post

Okay, I really loved my wedding. You've gotta see more pictures!! You've just gotta!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Easing Back Into It

Who talks for over a year about her wedding and then when the actual wedding takes place leaves the entire internet hanging? Yes, I would slap me too.

My wedding, in one word, was amazing. It was by far one of the best days of my life. Maybe even the best day. It was almost two months ago. It seems like just yesterday and yet, it seems like it was years ago. It feels like it is still right at my finger tips and yet, I'm hopelessly trying to grasp on to each little memory and savor it before it floats away. I'm so afraid I'll forget the little moments and the details. My advice to my engaged sistas--truly enjoy and take in every moment. It's true what they say--it goes by so fast! My insides actually hurt when I start thinking back on the wedding and realize I can't relive it. I can't believe it's actually said and done. I don't care what Tom Cruise says, post-partum wedding depression does exist. Sometimes I feel so tired, irritable, unmotivated and just plain sad. I recognize that a huge portion of this is stemming from another major area of my life and is not wedding related at all, but now that I don't have the wedding to take my mind off of it, I have to deal with it head on. And it's hard (that's what she said!) and it's depressing.

Well that was a fun pity party. Let's move along now. My life is not all blue. Conversely, it's really, really relaxing to not have the stress and anxiety of the wedding. I've been eating (too much) again and enjoying my weekends! I've been decorating my house and ordering new furniture. It feels nice to be a wife. It feels relaxing and comfortable and exciting to be Edgar's wife. I am a WIFE!!! I have a HUSBAND!! HOLY SHIT!

And now, what you scrolled past all of the words and sentences and stuff to see.

The Wedding of a Lifetime (cue dramatic music)

Looks like they've got a little Captain in them

#1 Bridesmaid and her Mexican hubby


It was so much FUN!

Phew! It was hard to choose photos to show you and they took a long time to upload, but if there is something you want to see more of, just let me know!

Edited to add: In my desire to get off of my computer because it was getting late and I still wanted to eat ice cream and watch TV, I failed to mention the woman behind these wonderful photos. The lovely Paige was my wedding photographer and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who lives in the Richmond area and is looking for a photographer. She does everything, not just weddings and she is so awesome to work with. Here at The Good Kind of Dorky, we love our Paige!